6 reasons why a Himalayan trek is a must do!

3rd May 2019
Photo of 6 reasons why a Himalayan trek is a must do! by Deepthi S

Be it is something one wants to do frequently or once in a lifetime, everybody deserves a Himalayan trek. Here is precisely why:

1. All the clichéd quotes about soul searching in the mountains are, perhaps true, and it is at a very intense level in the Himalayas.

2. To see and get to know new people in their very raw form. Mountains are known to melt the masks of people and in Himalayan treks, where most treks are longer than 2-4 days, it is only obvious that the masks will melt away, given the longer duration and unavailability phone network/internet.

3. As a continuation of the last point, to experience nature in its raw form.

4. Your needs become lesser. I am not talking only talking about physical needs like food, clothing and shelter. By needs, I also mean feelings like: the need to pretend, the need to feel obligated, the need to want something but do something else, etc.

5. To have the mountains challenge you in many ways, push you to the breaking point and put you back into one piece. A piece more at peace, more uplifted, more spirited than before.

6. Because they are there. Apart from all the mental growth the Himalayas put you through, they are also physically very beautiful.

Picture courtesy- Lim Pei Shan and Lim Pei Dee