Best Places To Visit In & Around Srinagar: A Complete Guide

Photo of Best Places To Visit In & Around Srinagar: A Complete Guide by Arhi

Lush green mountains, pristine clearwater streams and lakes, the mighty Himalayas, and a rich traditional culture - this is what Srinagar has in store for its visitors.

This season, if you are planning on visiting the heart of Kashmir, here’s a specially curated list of places to visit in the city for one of the best experiences!

1. Aru Valley

Photo of Aru Valley, Pahalgam by Arhi

Aru Valley, located in the Anantnag district of Srinagar, is one of the most serene and pristine valleys in the region. It is best known for its scenic meadows, clearwater lakes, and towering mountains. Also the base camp for trekking to the Kolahoi glacier, Aru is best for travellers who seek peace and quietness amidst nature at its finest.

2. Betaab Valley

Photo of Betaab Valley, Fraslana by Arhi

Betaab Valley, another valley located in the Anantnag district of Kashmir is popularly known as the shooting spot of the movie Betaab! Surrounded by lush meadows, thick pine trees, the flowing Lidder, and the snow-clad Himalayas, Betaab is a nature lover's paradise. This spot is ideal for a pleasant day-out, a picnic with family, simple sightseeing, and also for all the shutterbugs out there!

3. Mughal Gardens

Photo of Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden, Srinagar by Arhi

Architectured on the basis of Persian techniques, the Mughal Gardens are one of the best gems Srinagar has in store for travellers. With the backdrop of Dal Lake, these gardens become one of the most picturesque spots in the region to explore. The best and most well-known spots of this UNESCO World Heritage Site include the Shalimar and Nishat Bagh.

4. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

Photo of Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Srinagar by Arhi

Set in the backdrop of the Zabarwan mountain ranges in Srinagar is the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, popularly known as the largest Tulip garden in Asia. Featuring different species of flowers such as daffodils, roses, and hyacinths along with 48 different varieties of tulips, these gardens are easily a treat to everyone’s eyes. The annual Tulip Festival hosted here, organized by the government of Jammu and Kashmir during the spring season, is one of the most exciting events in the region!

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5. Pari Mahal

Photo of Pari Mahal, Srinagar by Arhi

Pari Mahal, also known as the Palace of Fairies, is a Mughal historical monument located at the top of the Zabarwan mountain range, providing panoramic views of the city of Srinagar. One of the offbeat places to visit in the city, it includes six well-maintained terraced gardens that attract nature lovers in and around the region to this place. A five-minute drive from Chashm-e-shahi garden, this Angel’s Abode is a must-visit for all in Srinagar!

6. Dal Lake

Photo of Dal Lake, Srinagar by Arhi

One of the most popular attractions in the city, every traveller is bound to visit the charming Dal Lake at least once during their visit to Kashmir. This shimmering lake hosts an array of Shikara rides along with houseboats for the ultimate Kashmir experience. Be marvelled at the backdrop of the breathtaking mountainscapes as you take a peaceful boat ride in this lake of tranquillity.

7. Char Chinar

Photo of Char Chinar Dal lake, Srinagar by Arhi

On a shikara ride around the Dal Lake is where one might find the Char Chinar spot. The Char Chinar is a small island placed in the middle of the Dal Lake that is covered by Chinar trees. This is one of the most scenic spots in the city and is also perfect for those shots for the 'gram!

8. Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden

Photo of Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Botanical Garden باٹنیکل گاردن, Srinagar by Arhi

Established in 1969 in the memory of Jawaharlal Nehru, the Nehru Garden placed at the foothills of the Zabarwan Mountain ranges is a beautiful botanical garden in Srinagar. Including a variety of plants and trees, and spanning an area of 80 hectares, this is the perfect spot for a day out in the city! The sporting garden, research section garden, botanical garden, and center of plant introduction are all a part of the entire area.

9. Challi Point

Photo of Dal Lake, Srinagar by Arhi

A tiny spot against the backdrop of Dal Lake, Challi Point is often frequented by tourists and locals in the city alike. It is one of the best spots to relish a few local delicacies such as kebabs and roasted corn from the street-side stalls while enjoying the scenic backdrop.

10. Yusmarg

Photo of Yousmarg by Arhi

A surreal paradise - Yusmarg is a peaceful spot away from the crowded spaces, best to explore during summers in Srinagar. With sprawling meadows and pastureland, Yusmarg is a blissful experience for all. From adventure activities to nature walks this is one of the places that must be on your checklist!

11. Manasbal Lake

Photo of Manasbal Lake by Arhi

Another popular lake in Kashmir is the Manasbal Lake placed at the backdrop of the Baladar mountains. Surrounding the villages of Jarokbal, Kondabal, and Ganderbal, the lake possesses charming views of the surrounding regions. This is also known for the abundance of lotus growth that is often harvested and marketed locally in Kashmir.

12. Kashmir Government Arts Emporium

Photo of Kashmir Government Arts Emporium, Srinagar by Arhi

Located in Srinagar’s Bahu Bazaar shopping complex is the Kashmir Government Arts Museum, a treat for all art lovers! From home decor items to traditional and local Kashmiri handicrafts, an array of products is found here. This is the perfect place to purchase that souvenir to take you back to the pleasant memories of your trip!

13. Wular Lake, Kashmir

Photo of Wular Lake by Arhi

Placed at a distance of around 65 km from the heart of Srinagar is Wular Lake, one of Asia’s largest freshwater lakes. It is located in Kashmir’s Bandipora district and provides breathtaking views of the Kashmir valley. The best way to revel in the charm of this lake is to take a shikara or a boat ride across the region.

14. Shankaracharya Temple

Photo of Shankaracharya temple, Srinagar, Srinagar by Arhi

Shankaracharya temple is one of the oldest shrines in Kashmir, perched at an elevation of 1100 feet above sea level. The holy temple is located on top of the Shankaracharya hill in the Zabarwan range in Kashmir. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is best known for its ancient architecture and scriptures.

15. Hazratbal Mosque

Photo of Hazratbal Masjid, Srinagar by Arhi

On the left bank of the Dal Lake is the Hazratbal mosque, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Kashmir valley. It is carved out of white marble and is a dome-shaped structure. This is a must-visit for all visiting Srinagar!

16. Awantipora

Photo of Awantipora by Arhi

On the banks of the Jhelum lies Awantipora, an ancient city filled with a rich history. Containing rustic ruins from ancient times, Awnatipora is best known for its old architecture.

17. Chashm-e-Shahi

Photo of Chashma Shahi Garden چشمہ شاہی باغ, Srinagar by Arhi

This is another garden in the city of Srinagar that adds to its never-ending beauty. Chashme Shahi’s elevated location also provides picturesque panoramic views of the city. It is one of the famous tourist destinations with beautiful flowers and misty waterfalls.

18. Lal Chowk

Photo of Lal Chowk, Srinagar by Arhi

Lal Chowk was is an old spot in the city of Srinagar that was historically the hub of political conversation in the region. The area was named so by left-wing activists drawing from the ideals of the Russian Revolution. It now presents itself as a commercial center for all of one’s shopping needs in the city! It has also been one of the main regions to witness the turbulent political climate of the region.

19. Badam Wari

Photo of Badam Wari Park بادَم وٲر, Srinagar by Arhi

The garden of Badam Wari is another very popular tourist attraction in the city of Srinagar. Filled with varied species of flowers and trees, this is the perfect spot for some time with friends and family!

20. Pathar Mosque

Photo of Pathar Masjid پتھر مسجد, Srinagar by Arhi

The historical Pathar Mosque was built by Nur Jahan in the year 1623. It lies on the banks of the Jhelum and depicts the years of Mughal reign. Another historical marvel, the traditional build of this mosque is an eye-catching beauty for all tourists!

21. Baramulla

Photo of Baramulla by Arhi

Considered one of the best places to visit in Srinagar, Baramulla is a small city bound to enchant travellers with its never-ending beauty. Surrounded by the Himalayan snow-clad peaks this region is a must-visit for lovers of nature! It is also one of the best picnic spots in Srinagar.

22. Anantnag

Photo of Anantnag by Arhi

To experience an entirely different beauty of Srinagar, travelers must visit Anantnag. This is the spot where the three rivers of Brengi, Sandran, and Arapath merge giving rise to the river Jhelum or Veth. Anantnag is also a famous trading centre for the valley of Kashmir!

23. Floating Vegetable Market

Photo of Floating Vegetable Market (SM), Srinagar by Arhi

The floating vegetable market of Srinagar is a bustling marketplace where vegetables and fruits are sold by local vendors on their shikaras. This is one of the unique experiences of the city that gives the travellers a chance to acquaint themselves with the local culture around. This also serves as one of the major sightseeing spots that attract tourists and locals alike.

24. Hot Air Balloon at Zabarwan Park

Photo of Zabarwan Park زبرون پارک, Srinagar by Arhi

Hot Air Balloon rides are now available at Srinagar’s Zabarwan Park. It provides a birds' eye view of the city and is an exciting experience to try on your trip. Each balloon is capable of accommodating around 4 people at a time and a single ride lasts about 10 minutes.

25. Houseboat Stays

Photo of Dal Lake, Srinagar by Arhi

Booking a houseboat for a night’s stay is one of the ultimate experiences unique to Srinagar. Revel in the charm of Kashmiri culture as you relax and unwind at one of the traditionally architectured houseboats and acquaint yourself with the locals of the region. This is one of the best options for a relatively offbeat stay in the region.

26. Nigeen Lake

Photo of Nigeen Lake, Srinagar by Arhi

Nigeen Lake is well known for its clear waters and serene atmosphere. It is located close to Dal Lake but is relatively less crowded. It is one of the best sunrise and sunset spots in the region and is perfect for a romantic getaway.

27. Sinthan Top

Photo of Sinthan Top by Arhi

The Sinthan Top is a mountain pass in the Pir Panjal ranges of the valley. This snow-clad hilltop is recently emerging as a popular tourist attraction in Kashmir. It is popular among nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

28. Apple Orchards

Photo of Apple Orchard, Srinagar by Arhi

Srinagar is known worldwide for its lush green gardens and sprawling apple orchards. The region is responsible for around 80% of the country’s apple supplies. These orchards with their long rows of fresh apples are a treat to cherish for grown-ups and children alike.

29. Dachigam National Park

Photo of Dachigam National Park by Arhi

Spanning an area of 141 square kilometers is the Dachigam National Park, which literally translates to ten villages in Kashmiri. The name has been given in loving memory of the 10 villages that were cleared to make way for the national park. This region is home to an array of flora and fauna including the snow leopard, red fox, musk deer etc. For a day of exploring the wild, this is the perfect place to be!

30. Tarsar Marsar Trek

Photo of Tarsar marsar Trek, Pahalgam by Arhi

Placed around 31km from the city center is the Tarsar Marsar Trek in Kashmir's Aru Valley. This trek is the perfect culmination of adventure and thrill along with a chance to experience Kashmir's scenic beauty. Enjoy a fun-filled climb in the valley as you witness one of Kashmir's most mesmerising landscapes!

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This season on your trip to Kashmir, make sure to tick off as many of these experiences as you can! Tell us about your experience in the comments below or write about it here on Tripoto!