Breaking all the obstacles to achieve my dream


It's not a travel story,but it's my hope and dream.  I wanted my life changing decision to quit my job to pursue my dream ...travelling, as a first tripoto writing. 

I am a village girl from wayanad,Kerala. I study and got job like any other person around me did.  I listened and watch what others around me and followed what my parents asked me to do.

But through the last six years of cabin surrounding nine to six job I started feeling I am missing something or more importantly what the hell I am doing with my life thought almost everyday. I got this urgency to do something that I wanted to do favourite of all travelling, experiencing and feeling other places .

But it wasn't easy, coming from a middle class family , job and the salary was everything . But 2015 I have got the opportunity to go onsite from my company that was to UK. 

That was one of the best year of my life , yes I had to work harder than I worked in India but I did saw a different world. I travelled to some of the European countries, I travelled around UK. Best time ever !!!

So 2016 January I came back and I started researching about women travelers and their stories. I will tell you ' miss walking shoes' and her stories were the first thing I started reading and it got me hooked.

So here I am today a free person and big checklist with places all around the world.

I am going to travel and I am going to live my life. :)