Traveling Around the world For JOB CAN WAIT TRAVEL CAN'T

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Bagan - Myanmar


Whenever you travel, normal people get excited and curious, where u had been, what you did and how was it???

Before I get to all this. I would love to Share why I traveled and why I am doing it now…

It’s been 7 years I have been traveling in India and around the world but I got my reason to travel, First 5 years was in India for profession and for myself.. Moreover I Wanted to know myself, find myself, gets rid of the pain of loosing my dad in 2010. The empty feeling had been haunting me for so long, so I took the ride to get away from all, from myself and from everyone. I was regular boy from the average family, but traveling changed me, I was carrying the burden of responsibilities, morals, and vows, which wasn’t mine but had been imposed by the society and family.

I was busy trying impress people, busy seeking permission from others to be myself, it was all lying, lying to myself that I was happy and not scared. In reality I was scared of dying same like my father, sacred of not doing anything great in the life, scared of leaving the world just like that. I had to leave; I had to go and travel to find my values, my courage and myself.

Its true, traveling changes you, journey changes you and sometime It heals you, on my journey I had met people who helped me, inspired me, and encouraged me to forgive oneself and take the life as it comes. Instead of grieving creating the new opportunities for myself in life. Life is more about to Live not just sit at one place and grieve. There is so much to see, so much to learn, cultures, traditions, stories and at last you can find yourself and heal yourself, Change yourself into in new person.

On my journey I had met so many like me, stuck somewhere in the middle of dreams and regular life, jobs, responsibilities, families and relationships. I learned one thing while traveling if you don’t know your own vows, values & morals, you would never ever be good decision maker in your life. So I had seen so many people who had been living the same fate like me. There I found a reason to my life, found a meaning to my all travels and photography. I made my Photography passion as my loyal travel companion. I decided to travel for Myself and for others, bring out the stories and photos, help people and motivate others to live their dreams and once in their life to leave it all behind to find their own values, vows and morals like I did.

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There are so many people who are scared in life that’s why they settle for jobs, families, relationships in the life which seems to be the peace of mind at one side but in reality its just not. It’s all that scared nature of people that let them chooses all the security and comfort over the courageous mind and heart, over free soul and spirit. We never want to be alone that’s why we choose to settle and give up the dreams and never get the courage to live up for traveling which gives back more than any other thing.

So I stared this JOB CAN WAIT TRAVEL CAN’T project in 2014.

Travel all the time and around the world with this message to encourage people to travel and life the dream once, leave it all and go out once to know yourself better, find the own values, vows and Courage.

I have already travelled to (France, India, Spain, Cambodia, Italy, Swiss, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam) and still counting to travel more and far to take this message around the world not just to live my dreams but help others and encourage others also to travel and live once before we die.

Today, JOB CAN WAIT TRAVEL CAN’T is about giving HOPE to the people and to this young generation who believe in living by their own means and ways.

Its about giving COURAGE to the people, if I can do it why not others, I am trying to bring a change to the world through my life & photography. Whenever I travel I make sure that I bring out the photos and stories of the world closer to the people, So that they can also dream and make their own trails. Sometime quit jobs and travel doesn’t make any sense to everyone but it has to make sense to you, don’t be afraid of anything, and don’t be afraid of your journey if it looks different from others…

I agree on the statement of the people when they say, “ we need jobs because we need money and we need money so that we can travel” but I don’t agree when people believe that primary source of traveling comes from money. The real core of traveling comes from our own adventurous and courageous spirit and mind. Money plays a secondary role in that; first we have to believe in our choices and take the initiative to say boldly big “YES” to travel and “NO” to the jobs. Its not so easy but it’s not so hard as well.

Travelling dosen't pay bills that for sure but it will change you into strong person, fill your heart and mind with pure consciousness, wisdom and peace. When you come back you wont be the same person, you will be a different and free person. Journey leaves marks on your mind, heart and soul & those marks become your best memories and experiences and strength also. 

EVERYONE can make a difference and I HOPE I am living proof of that…

My try is to leave something better for this world, bring world closer to the people through my Stories and Photos.

It was all started by his Departure(DAD) now its gonna end with my departure.

Thanks a lot and love you all and DAD...

Live while you can and travel while you Can.....

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Angor Wat- Cambodia
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Geneva - Swiss
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Pisa - Italy
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Canaught place- New delhi
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Halong Bay- vietnam