Deo Tibba Trek | Manali HP

27th Jun 2022

Deo Tibba

Photo of Deo Tibba Trek | Manali HP by Neeraj Dhiman

Himachal Pradesh, the state endowed with breathtaking mountain hikes, has been the preferred playground of adventure enthusiasts for ages. The enthralling mountains of Himachal provide some of the best trekking routes, ranging in difficulty from easy to difficult. Deo Tibba, a 75-kilometre-long walk, deserves special attention on the list of the top hikes in its neighborhood.

Expansive views, towering mountains, hanging glaciers, lush meadows, exposed rock faces, and enormous cliffs are some of the awe-inspiring characteristics of the Deo Tibba walk that entice every traveler to visit at least once in their lives. The views of the snow-capped mountain peaks during the trek are spectacular, and experienced hikers will tell you that you must see them for yourself.

Deo Tibba is a mountain in the Pir Panjab Range of the Himalayan Mountains in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India. At a height of 6,001 meters, it is a favourite location for avid trekkers. The summit of the mountain is a snow dome, akin to an ice cap, with a flat plateau rather than a sharp ridge, which is peculiar. According to local belief, Deo Tibba is a place where the gods congregate. According to Hindu mythology, the gods sit atop the dome-shaped peak of Deo Tibba, hence the names Deo (Gods) and Tibba (Hill).

To reach Deo Tibba Base camp, one must traverse numerous distant villages and valleys, including Panduropa, Setan, Hampta Pass, Chika, Piyangniru, and Raurikhaudi. The trekking track will lead you to the old settlement of Jogidugh, which is said to be the residence of ‘Thakshag Nag’ and the other eighteen ‘Nag’ Gods.

If Deo Tibba conjures up images of picturesque mountains, lush meadows, and stunning peaks, then you have truly arrived at your destination.