Forests in India to escape for healing yourself


If you're tired from the hustle and bustle of the city, and you want to experience the peace that nature has to offer -- whilst healing yourself through an unconventional method -- then the forest is the perfect venue for you. According to researcher, a walk in the woods can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol; lower blood sugar, blood pressure and heart rate; and reduce depression and anger. Other studies say it can also boost the body's immune system.

-So if you are looking for some self-healing and some adventurous time in the wilderness, here are the list of places you can escape to...

1. Meghalaya, The "Abode of Clouds"

Escape to Forests of Khasi and experience the miracle of nature "the root bridges".

Best time to travel - March-July

Connectivity- 70kms from Shillong airport, 200kms from city railway station !

Photo of Meghalaya, India by Shikha Singh

2. Chattisgarh, The "Home of 36 forts"

Best time to travel - October-March

Connectivity - 270kms from Raipur airport, 30kms from city railway station !

The bulk of tourist attractions in Chhattisgarh however lie virtually unexplored as nearly 42% of the state's physical area consists of forests.

Photo of Chhattisgarh, India by Shikha Singh

3. Madhya Pradesh, The "Centre of India"

Best time to travel - October-June

Connectivity - 120kms from Indore airport, 250kms from city railway station !

Laying bare the heart of India to experience the serene beauty of Khandwa, Jabalpur, Mandla forest

Photo of Madhya Pradesh, India by Shikha Singh

4. Karnataka, The "Lofty Land"

Best time to travel - November-April

Connectivity - 160kms from Mangalore International Airport, 95kms from city railway station !

The misty hills, lush teak wood and sandalwood forests are, in a word, stunning

Photo of Karnataka, India by Shikha Singh

5. The Western Ghats

"Which covers border of GUJARAT, MAHARASHTRA, South of GOA, KERALA, TMAIL NADU, offers you the range and breath taking variety and expanse of one of India's most pristine part of forest"

Best time to travel - Through out the year ( preferable June-March)

Connectivity - Easily reachable Via all sources ( preferable by Road )

Photo of Western Ghats, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala, India by Shikha Singh

6. Odisha, The "Odha-Desh"

Best time to travel - October-March

Connectivity - 90kms from Jeypore airport (odisha), 25kms from city railway station !

Explore the Chandaka Elephnat Reserve, Satkosia Tiger Reserve and the hamlet in the hills in the wild western part of Orissa- Laxmipur

Photo of Odisha, India by Shikha Singh

7. West Bengal, The "Famed Mangroves and Tigers"

Best time to travel - October-February

Connectivity- 100kms from Kolkatta airport, 110kms from city railway station !

Visit the state boasting of possessing most beautiful nature stops to be cherished by any eco-traveller for a life time.

Photo of West Bengal, India by Shikha Singh

8. Arunachal Pradesh, The "Dwan Lit Mountain"

Best time to travel - September-April

Connectivity - 189kms from Mohanbari, Dibrugarh, (Assam), 146kms from city railway station !

Namdapha, one of the surviving rain forests of the world, is located on the banks of the river Noa Dih

Photo of Arunachal Pradesh, India by Shikha Singh

9. Assam, The "Ahoms Who Ruled It"a

Best time to travel - September-April

Connectivity - 80kms from Rowriah Airport (Assam), 30kms from city railway station !

With Assam priding itself on the unmissable one-horned Rhinoceros, makes the visit a mandate .

Photo of Assam, India by Shikha Singh

10. Andhra Pradesh, The "Southern Province"

Best time to travel - September-April

Connectivity - 232kms from Hyderabad Airport, 30kms from city railway station !

Visit the largest stretch of undisturbed forest in South India abutting the the Nagarjuna-Srisailam Tiger reserve.

Photo of Andhra Pradesh, India by Shikha Singh

You will feel it once you've actually tried it, spending time with mother nature creates healing energy for the mind, body and soul. When we let nature enter into our bodies through the use of our five senses, we will feel at one with the forest. It's far from just being alone in the wilderness, because it's about allowing one's body and psyche to settle down in the peace that the woods bring, particularly similar to natural aromatherapy. Taking a simple hike in the woods may seem common to most of us, but it is an innate need and can give us countless benefits if we just pay attention to what nature has to offer.

A theory why forest travel works is supposedly because trees give off scents of volatile oils. These oils called "phytoncides" are proven to increase the efficiency of NK cells. A biologist named E.O. Wilson has coined the term 'biophilia' -- meaning 'love of life or living systems' -- and says that it is an innate human need.