Ladakh-2018 #lifechangingtrip

30th Jun 2018
Photo of Ladakh-2018  #lifechangingtrip 1/3 by Siddhi Manerikar

A trip that I wont ever forget. I would cherish this Ladakh trip forever because this was my first Solo trip. It started with my friend ditching me and cancelling our trip to Dharamshala. After which i decided to take up this trip. I searched for some groups who had solo travelers and decided to take a risk and visit Ladakh. It was an eleven day trip. It started from Mumbai. I never traveled alone out of Mumbai. My parents were worried as i was just 20 . I traveled to Delhi via flight and met other solo travelers. We then traveled to Manali. It was a road-trip from Manali to Leh. 

Photo of Ladakh-2018  #lifechangingtrip 2/3 by Siddhi Manerikar
Photo of Ladakh-2018  #lifechangingtrip 3/3 by Siddhi Manerikar

This Trip changed my life forever. I realized the best company that i could have is my own self. I never got bored for 11 days . I was happy and carefree. There was no one to tell me anything. Most important thing that I learned from this trip was the only person that could make me happy was -ME. After that trip i stopped running behind people . While joining my post grad college,for the first time I was not worried and nervous as to how do i go alone or sit alone. I had a thought if i could enjoy in an unknown place with unknown people , I don't need anyone's company to make me feel comfortable. I started watching movies alone. I started taking myself to restaurants that i always wanted to go. This trip changed me completely. Now i wont wait for anyone to come with me for a movie, shopping or trip because I know, I wont get bored even if I am alone. :) :)