Ladakh -the soul rebooter #Tripototakemetodeoriatal


ladakh- the soul rebooter!

Dont listen to what they say,go see!!
Thus, I begin my most anticipated journey and this time solo to the most enchanted valleys.. mountains and serene lakes!! The paradise on earth Ladakh!

I had heard much about it from many already,many had its diferent versions.. challenging for the bikers,picturesque for the photographers and unexplainable for the travelers.
I wanted to see it with my own eyes and experience for my biker and adventures self,for my love for photography and my traveler soul! No better reason to accomplish satisfaction for all my interests,I, one day just book my tickets to this mysterious paradise!

I had high hopes ,no wonder after seeing the pictures and after hearing to stories , but I was ready for the challenges as well!
The high altitudes..low temperatures and offcourse the chalenge of being a solo woman traveler.
I have traveled to the north east so I was familiar with the low temperatures and mentally prepared for the same. Similarly for high altitudes with thin air,dryness and breathing issues I had an idea.But I had never travelled alone,with no one along you .
I don't say I found it scary but I was skeptical about it. But my adventurous soul just shouted from inside, you know what ,you can do it.Just go for it,and I began my 10 day journey to the most hyped about and many people's dream destination!

I started my journey from Delhi as it's more cost Efficient as the flight rates are drastically different.I had to plan this trip in a budget and I love road travel so that wasn't an issue..The bus starts from Rk Ashram Metro station in Delhi in the afternoon and its an overnight journey till Manali.
At Manali I took a one day halt as it helps in acclimatization and plus you would want some rest after a 14-15 hour road journey.Manali was very calming,you wouldn't want to miss it.
I did local sight seeing at Manali that day and saw a couple of temples of Manu ,Hadimba and local markets.It was a relaxing day.

Next day morning I headed to Jispa which is around 5-6 hour journey from Manali in a cab..I found a group to share my cab till Ladakh.
There were 5 guys,out of which 3 from Mumbai and 2 from Delhi.. They say make friends with people of not your age,people who are younger and elder to you..I was lucky enough to find them..out of the 5 guys I met,one was a retired Doctor enjoying life after his retirement and rest were students who had just passed out from college.Different flavours of personalities together!!It was going to be a fab trip!
Few of the pics of the are here below of this enchanted valley,all clicked by my smart phone.
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Photo of Leh 194101 by Swati Nanda
Photo of Leh 194101 by Swati Nanda
Photo of Leh 194101 by Swati Nanda
Photo of Leh 194101 by Swati Nanda
Photo of Leh 194101 by Swati Nanda
Photo of Leh 194101 by Swati Nanda