Life as a Digital Nomad - How to be one...

20th Nov 2020

I'm a born and brought up Mumbaikar , and this is the story of how I moved from the city to the mountains, at least temporarily, finding work in these remote valleys that is far more satisfying than the competitive rat race of the city.

We have really never gotten a chance to introduce ourselves properly and share a bit more about our story.

So lets start from the beginning, before we had stamps in our passports, we led the usual city lives in Mumbai with hectic jobs, traffic and all the things that comes with 9-5.

The love for travel was always there but it meant holidays and not really staying and experiencing a place like a local.

After travelling or lets say after holidaying in ten countries of the world for about 2-3 years where we saw so many places and met so many inspiring people, the journey of travel blogging started. Our first trip with the camera gear was Austria where we stayed for a month and shot our entire trip. Then who knew that we will hit a pandemic, 2020 was the year where the concept of digital nomads stuck to us. We began to enjoy slow travel, we’d prefer to stay in one place for several days and get to know it well as opposed to just skimming the surface of a few places. Also the idea of working from anywhere proved to be a boon for us , since digital nomad life demanded that. Our two months in Aamby Valley City where we picked up skills like gardening and yoga, to spending two months in Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh where we were volunteering to teach local kids and also understanding the concept of eco tourism, to again spending two months in Goa helping out a lot of local sustainable brands to come up and shooting around the local cafes, this entire journey of Digital Nomad life till now has been extra special.

But most of all, there is something utterly addicting about travel. Lets just say that the more places we travel, the more places we want to see.

Each place we have visited has given us reasons to fall in love. For some it’s the landscape, in others it’s the food or culture, and in others still it’s the people. Sometimes we are enraptured by it all.

A FESTIVAL CALLED LIFE takes you on our Road to Being Digital Nomads in India.