Ranthambore - A quick tour to explore nature

2nd Jan 2023
Photo of Ranthambore - A quick tour to explore nature by Prashant Verma

Onset of this year, I planned a short trip with my family to Ranthambore National Park. My last visit was in school and I still cherish those fond memories. Anyway, coming back to our recent journey. It was an eight-hour drive including halts in between from Delhi.

Rajasthani folk music evening

Photo of Ranthambore - A quick tour to explore nature by Prashant Verma

After reaching the resort in afternoon, we had a quick lunch in one of the nearby restaurants – Food Circle. They serve vegetarian food and I would recommend tourists to go and try dishes over there. We scrolled around the property before taking a quick nap. It was quite chilly in the evening. So, we listened to live Rajasthani folk music along with born fire and a cup of coffee. Their energy was divine and infectious. We ate dinner and tried Laal Maas because apparently it is one thing you must eat while in Rajasthan.

Crocodile chilling out in the wild

Photo of Ranthambore - A quick tour to explore nature by Prashant Verma

We hadn’t decided anything for the next day so we woke up a little late. While having early lunch, we asked a local person nearby places to explore and got the answer “Go to Pali Ghat for Crocodile Safari”. It is 40 mins away from the town. We left immediately for the place and it is a must visit for every tourist. There is plenty that nature can offer if we try to preserve it. The air which I was breathing while doing a tour in the lake was pristine and refreshing unlike the one which we inhale in Delhi. We saw alligators and crocodiles chilling in the sun unbothered by the tourists coming around to see them. Well, even they might have got used to this amount of attention. While going back to the resort, we visited one of the local women handcrafted clothing store to check out traditional designs. Then, we had an early dinner because we had to wake up early morning for Tiger Safari.

Unlike many booking for multiple safaris to watch the tiger, we booked just one. Well, we knew that the chances were little to see the tiger in one go but we were definitely excited about the journey to search one. It was a biting cold morning and we asked for a blanket from the guard. There are 10 zones and around 70 tigers in that 400 sq km park. According to the guide, tigers had been seen a day before in the same zone so we kept our fingers crossed. The journey was rugged and full of jerks but I guess that’s a small price to pay to explore the nature which never seems to disappoint us. During, our journey we saw deers, antelopes and guess what “Tiger’s paw” ha-ha! But we thoroughly enjoyed the track and the ride in the midst of forest.

After completing the safari, we packed our bags to head back in polluted air. We definitely need another trip to refresh our body and mind with serene nature.