Short and Quick Travel Guide to Andaman & Nicobar Islands 2020

4th Mar 2020

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are an Indian archipelago situated in the Bay of Bengal. Made up of over 300 islands, that are known for palm-fringed, white-sand beaches, mangroves and tropical rain forests. The Andaman and Nicobar islands have a stunning coastline supporting marine life such as sharks and rays and vibrant coral reefs. The Pristine beaches and blue water of Andaman's will leave you awestruck.

This is an ideal destination for honeymooners. People from across the globe visit the location for exploring nature's beauty at its best. Read more about Andaman travel guide in 2020.

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Andaman travel guide

How to reach Andaman:

Since Andaman is a coastal area, Flights and Ships operates on a daily basis. Choose your commute wisely.

By Air - Most of the cities like Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore operate direct flights by Spice jet, Go Air, and Indigo to Port Blair.

By Ship - Voyager ships are accessible to Port Blair from Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam, and Chennai. Every month three to four trips are customary from Chennai and Kolkata to Port Blair and vice versa. Every month one trip takes place from Vishakhapatnam. Each journey takes about 50-60 hours, with the ship anchored at the Port Blair for three to four days.

Reaching Havelock: Situated at about 38 km from Port Blair, Havelock islands are known for its dive sites and beautiful beaches. Also, Radhanagar beach regarded as Asia's best beach and the seventh best beach in the world is located in Havelock islands.

For visiting islands like Havelock to Port Blair, Port Blair to Neil islands, Havelock to Neil islands, every day two to three ferries government, and private commute.

Best time to visit Andaman:

The best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar islands is during the winters i.e. October to February. The climate is usually pleasant during this time and travelers will enjoy strolling.

Summers are really hot here. Travelers cannot do much when the hot sun is out. Monsoon is not a good month to visit since most of the beaches are shut and few ferries operate.

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Havelock Island in Andaman

Places to Visit in Andaman:

Andaman has some popular islands to visit. These islands have some amazing beaches, water sports activities, and trekking that travelers would love. Let's look at the list:

Havelock islands - This is one of the best islands to chill and get into the beach vibe. It has some popular sites for water sports activities like Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Sea-walking in Elephant beach. Radhanagar beach steals all the attractions being Asia's best beach. Kala Pani beach is a place where you can soak yourself in the sun and enjoy the blue sea.

Neil islands - These islands have some popular beaches like Laxmanpur and Bharatpur where you will find a natural rock formation of Howrah Bridge accessible at low tide. Near the island's wharf is Neil Kendra village, with a curving, sandy bay dotted with boats. Off the southeast coast, the tiny Sir Hugh Rose Island is a sanctuary for turtles.

Ross and Smith islands - The islands are bind by a sandbar that is visible during low tide but gets deluge during high tide. The sand bar in the form of a crescent is the main attraction of the place. Water is crystal clear and gem green in color. Smith Island is best suited for island camping and is perfect for enjoying village life. Moreover, tourists can also find accommodation facilities on this island. There is a Marine Sanctuary on the island which makes it an ideal place for spotting beautiful coral reefs and colorful species from the underwater.

Baratang islands - This Island located between South and Middle Andaman has serene beaches, mangroves, mud-volcanoes. Travelers can kayak between the forest.

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Cellular Jail in Port Blair

Things to do in Andaman:

Let's have a look at what are the things you can enjoy in the Andaman Islands.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving: If you've ever snorkeled, you already know that there's nothing better than snorkeling in clear turquoise waters to explore vibrant aquatic life. The coral reefs at the Andaman's are famous for featuring some of the widest range of aquatic flora and fauna. Scuba diving is also a great way to get up close and personal with the vibrant, colorful corals that these beaches are famous for.

Cellular Jail Memorial: The taboo of Kala paani still haunts the walls of the Cellular Jail. The prisoners sentenced to exile here were not only traumatized by their journey to the prison, but they also believed they'd lose their varna (caste) if they crossed the Kala paani (dark water) of the ocean. The British used this prison to exile many freedom fighters and political prisoners.

Located at Port Blair, it's open to tourists from Tuesday to Sunday. The light and sound show at night is especially recommended. Trek to Madhuban: Considered one of the best trekking routes in the country, the trek from Mount Harriet to Madhuban witnesses a huge tourist turnout.

The lush green forests and the exotic fauna in the region are why trekking enthusiasts love the place. You can start your trek with a ferry ride from Chatham Harbour, Port Blair. Three major ferry routes in Port Blair connect Chatham, Bamboo Flat, Junglighat, Dundas Point, Viper Island, Hope Town, and Mithakari. Ferries from these towns make 45 trips per day. Just a few minutes on the ferry can take you to any of the trek points nearby.

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Scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

What to eat in Andaman:

Seafood: Andaman has a great variety to offer. Like other coastal areas, seafood is a specialty of the region. Port Blair is particularly recommended: try the whole lobster at New Lighthouse Restaurant or the seafood platter at Red Snapper. You can also get fresh fried fish from the morning's catch on almost all of the islands.

Local Fare: When you reach Havelock, do check out the delicious samosas. If you're looking for affordable yet scrumptious meals, many tiny local restaurants serve healthy Indian thali's at reasonable prices. Many local joints also offer Italian, Thai and Continental cuisine, if you're allergic to, or not fond of, seafood.

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Seafood in Andaman

Plan your holiday with this guide. Visit these beautiful places with family, friends, group or your partner of the state that will leave you mesmerized. Plan your dream holiday with the Andaman travel guide 2020 by Chakrr.

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