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21st Jan 2020

Statue of Unity - Adventures of Cycling

Photo of Statue of Unity - All adventures at one place by Priya Maheshwari

This area is open only for a limited number of people and you need permission to have an access to this area. If you have come to visit SOU then I believe you should explore all its destinations, each of which is quite famous in itself.

The charges for Khalvani cycling are Rs 200 and Rs 350 in which there are Btwin cycles for solo riders and Tandem cycles or couple cycles. The cycling route is of 14 km which starts from Valley of flowers and then ride through dam, tent city area and Godbole door all of which makes this tour so peaceful that we can actually feel its beauty. This tour is the best and you can experience it with your partner, friends as well as family.

Now that you are cycling and health is also very important, it is not possible that you don’t eat anything, therefore, SOU also offers you snacks and refreshment to keep you energized while you are cycling.

B. Zarwani

Zarwani means a tour to the jungle. If you want an absolute adventurous experience then I believe cycling in this area is definitely worth a shot. This tour lets you discover the best of jungle and this could be your biggest mistake if you do not try this option of a perfect adventurous tour.

This cycling tour is of 3 hours for a distance of 22 km and charges as Rs 700/-. You are able to gain such unforgettable and beautiful moments in this tour that you don’t want it to end.

Zarwani cycling lets you adore such panoramic waterfalls, up-down hills and jungles and ride to such splendid points like Dhirakhadi waterfall that will make you feel a lot closer to the nature. The water flowing through it offer a picturesque visual. You can have tea, snacks, refreshments along with two ‘makke ki roti’ with ‘sarson ki chutney’ after enjoying the waterfall and bathing in it.

The team’s familiar and experienced guides will let you discover all the interesting places while also giving insights of them. Zarwani cycling tour starts from Shresht Bharat Bhavan complex (Ramada Encore) and its tickets are available online as well as offline.

Photo of Zarwani, Gujarat, India by Priya Maheshwari

My overall experience of Statue of Unity has been absolutely amazing and it is indeed a one-stop destination for a lot of fun and adventures. But what I love the most about this place is the ‘Adventures of Cycling’ which is thrilling experience amidst the most scenic and beautiful landscapes of Statue of Unity. I would recommend all the visitors to definitely explore the exhilarating tracks of Khalvani and Zarvani.

Statue of Unity was in my bucket list when I first decided to visit Gujarat. From what I knew about this place was that this massive statue will give me a sight-seeing experience but what I did not know was that there are a lot of fun and adventurous activities around Statue of Unity that are indeed worth your time and money.

So if you are planning to visit Statue of Unity then I would suggest you to plan two-day trip because this place will actually take two days to be explored completely. I believe there is not just SOU to be seen but a lot of other activities around it that will surely attract you and you will enjoy them a lot.

So now let me tell you all about those entertaining places that you can absolutely enjoy with your friends, family and also as a couple.

1. Adventures of Cycling

The first thought that you might have after listening to the word ‘cycling’ must be that who travels by cycles when we have AC buses. But cycling in SOU is purely for adventure and complete entertainment. When you travel by bus, you are just sitting in a closed space and cannot feel the vibe of the beautiful places around you which in reality can be explored very interestingly by riding a cycle.

The ‘Adventures of Cycling’ has been started by Statue of Unity with the company ‘Le Tour De India’ to provide a wholesome experience of fitness plus amusement.

What is ‘Le Tour De India’?

Le Tour De India is a tour company that has the motive to explore the Royal Rajasthan on bicycles, motorcycles and through horse riding. It lets you travel through some of the most beautiful country roads in Incredible India. A leisure motorcycle adventure expedition in the glorious state of Rajasthan.

A bicycle expedition that takes us on a memorable journey through the mighty forts, palaces and spiritual temples. Discovering and understanding the lifestyle of the cultural people of Rajasthan. If you ever wish to experience adventures while cycling, motorcycling and horse safaris then your desired place is

Photo of Statue of Unity - All adventures at one place by Priya Maheshwari

SOU has taken the permission of cycling in two such areas that are absolutely close to nature and will provide a complete blissful experience that you might not enjoy while sitting in a bus.

A. Khalvani

2. Children Nutrition Park

A balanced nutritional diet of a child is a huge concern not only for the parents but also for the entire nation. The Children Nutrition Park near Statue of Unity is one of the prominent attractions of Kevadiya Tourism Circuit. It is the world’s first technology driven theme park envisioned and conceptualized by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the objective of inspiring children to eat healthy and understand the role of nutrition in their mental and physical health.

The entire tour of the park is made possible by a train that travels through interactive games and stations equipped amazingly with various interesting activities along with a virtual and a real playground among its many other attractions. This park presents ample amount of knowledge of nutrition, food processing and gardening along with a pleasant and entertaining experience for children along with two adults with them.

3. Sardar Sarovar Nauka Vihar (Boating)

Statue of Unity has started the provision of boating for its tourists in the waters of Narmada Dam which is absolutely amazing. You can enjoy rowing on the upper surface of the dam and experience a scenic visual of Satpura and Vindhyachal mountain ranges.

4. River Rafting point

Now the tourists will also be able to enjoy River Rafting at Khalwani which is situated near Sardar Sarovar Dam on river Narmada. The regular force of water from the dam to Khawani facilitates river rafting which has been developed with the help of experts from Uttarakhand.

5. Jungle Safari

A world-class zoo has been established near Statue of Unity in order to turn Kevadiya into a chief tourism site. The zoo covers an area of 1300 acres and has lions, tigers, deer, leopards, zebra, giraffes and many foreign animals.

6. Cactus Garden

A unique botanical garden, also known as Cactus Garden is situated near Statue of Unity. It has an amazing collection of various types of cacti. An initiative to put 500 + cacti has been taken in the present.

7. Ekta Nursery

If you are a nature lover then you will definitely adore a beautiful valley of flowers, Ekta Nursery, situated at Statue of Unity. Till now 1 lakh plants have already been planted with the aim to plant more and more in the future. Among the various plants, some are champo, garmalo, boganvel, plumoriya, ifosiya, barmasi and madhumalti.

Photo of Statue of Unity - All adventures at one place by Priya Maheshwari
Photo of Statue of Unity, Statue of Unity Road, Kevadia, Gujarat, India by Priya Maheshwari