The lighter trip

3rd Jun 2022
Day 1

6, October,2021
It was a very rough day me and my loving boyfriend we were fighting for more than 5 days and trust me that was the serious fight you have ever heard we were fighting over a  blanket 😂😂 yes! i know it is stupid 😅

So he thought why not to go on a trip but the condition were we won't use are cell phones we won't take any pictures. The whole thing was just about us.
And I agreed on that just because somewhere in us we both knew that we were fighting for nothing.
So we planned our trip to Mussoorie.
We live in Dehradun so it is at a very short distance. We plan the trip for one day so on  5th of October 2021, he came to pick me up from my house at 4:00 and then we moved at 4:30 as we were fighting for past 5 days.
So I was just quietly sitting behind his bike and be both didn't even attered a world for almost 15 to 20 minutes and after  that we realised we are on this trip to sort out things between us. Why not talk ?
We started random conversation. And with the beautiful road the things became more and more beautiful we almost forgot that past 30 minutes we were fighting.

Uttarakhand is a beautiful place, and so are the roads, so is scenery, so are the people, and as we were heading from Dehradun to Mussoorie the climate was beautiful the fresh and cold wind when gently touched are faces it felt refreshing that we almost forgot  about all the things that were not in our favour.

On the left side of the road there are many many "Maggi points" so the one which is our favourite we stop there and order white sauce pasta and momos!  yes! momos ahhh! I love !
if you are in Uttarakhand so should and you have to try momos sort of pride for me 😅 trust me you cannot get tasty momos in any part of the country as tasty as hills. I have been to Gurgaon,Delhi,Punjab,Chandigarh but i miss momos the most.😂
Then we went to our hotel and yes he told me not to click any pictures but as you know girls are girls 😅 so I secretly took some..

We were roming around Mall road then "guess what"?
I saw a shop of my favourite band BTS i am a army from 2016 i cannot express how I was feeling at that current moment but  it was like the best best trip ever my favourite band, I am f****** in love with them. And all the stuff was  write in front of me I was going crazy over it.

After that we went to a bar and as it was my lucky day so there was live music we had drinks and a really really bad prawns and after that we bought lighters and trust me in this whole trip we only bought lighters.
Because both have planned no phones, no shopping, no calls we only can spend time with each other
And yes my favourite Store i did not buy anything from thier yes that is heart breaking i was  crying but as we have planned so yes I cannot buy anything and obviously I broke a rule I have photos of that trip so I have to sacrifice something but we had fun.
And yes it's just about us i just realised 😅

Mussoorie is the Queen of Hills and you feel love in the air😅
I would love to recommend all of you who are reading this to please visit video love once your family your friends your partner or solo😂


Photo of The lighter trip by Ishika Thapliyal
Photo of The lighter trip by Ishika Thapliyal
Photo of The lighter trip by Ishika Thapliyal
Photo of The lighter trip by Ishika Thapliyal
Photo of The lighter trip by Ishika Thapliyal
Photo of The lighter trip by Ishika Thapliyal