The Statue of Unity

12th Sep 2019
Photo of The Statue of Unity by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar

A project that was declared as “Gujarat’s Tribute to the Nation” in 2013 on the small island of Sadhu Bet near to Narmada city of lively Gujarat was completed in a span of 42 months. Various sources indicate that a total of around 250 engineers were involved in this project. Further the project gave employment opportunities to nearly 3000 workers. On 31st October 2018, a massive structure that entails a height of 182 m was inaugurated and named as “The Statue of Unity” that wears the crown of the world’s tallest statue. It is the sculpture of Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel (31st October 1875- 15th December 1950), popularly known as Sardar Patel, the first Deputy Prime Minister of India and fondly remembered as the iron man of India. Post independence, citizens of India were drifting away and it was the iron man who took the command to unite them and formed one nation.

Photo of The Statue of Unity 1/9 by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar
The Iron Man of India

Tickets to the incredible structure

The ever increasing popularity of the structure results in the flooding of excursionists to the destination. Tickets are easily available online and the same can be booked at the entry counters which normally stand busy.

Photo of The Statue of Unity 2/9 by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar
Way to the Ticket Counter

There are mainly three types of tickets available for the general public namely:

Express Tickets: The ticket permits visitor to park their car ahead of the ticket counter inside the campus. Costing a sum of Rs 1000/- per head gives a kind of VIP treatment to its customer.

Viewing Gallery Tickets: Ranged at a price of Rs 350/- for adults while Rs 200/- for children below 15 years marks an economical ticket that will fulfill the travel desire of any common individual. Here the visitor has to hop in the shuttle bus to roam around. However the scenic panoramic view of the vibrant Narmada and Sarovar Dam can be viewed from the gallery viewpoint.

General Tickets: Generally priced at Rs 120/- for adults and Rs 60/- for children, the tickets result in experiencing a long queue of people and results time consuming. Moreover the ticket restricts from entry inside the gallery viewpoint area. These tickets are generally booked by the locals who are on their regular visit to the location however people travelling from distant locations must make sure that they visit every single corner of the destination and this ticket restricts that.

The timings of the viewing gallery entry point is shared in the below picture to enable travelers plan their tour accordingly.

Photo of The Statue of Unity 3/9 by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar

Attractions around Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity is basically divided into three phases. The first phase consists of a museum in the ground floor, where the display of various audiovisuals based on the life and struggles of Sardar Patel is deliberately showcased. The museum is built by the usage of modern technology which can be very well enjoyed by visitors of any generation. The second phase consist of the feet of the statue and it is over here one can realize the amazingly astonishing height the statue portrays. The third phase consists of the viewing gallery placed at a height of 153 meters on the chest level of the statue. It is from here one can enjoy the mesmerizing once in a life time experience of a marvelous view that delivers the landscape of Sardar Sarovar dam with shimmering flow of river Narmada. The sight of the Satpura and Vindhya mountain ranges gives enormous pleasing sense to the eyes.

Photo of The Statue of Unity 4/9 by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar

Apart from the above glimpse of museum the Statue of Unity also delivers some of the incredible attractions like those of the:

1. Wall of Unity: A huge wall that is built near the statue stands at a height of 50*15 feet.

2. Light and Sound Show: An interesting part of the Statue but can be enjoyed in the evening hours of 7:00 pm. Generally the show delivers the life of Sardar Patel and addresses his contribution in our nations building.

3. Valley of Flower: Located near the Sarovar Dam, the valley of flower resembles quite similar to the colorful velour of Kashmir. The pleasant view and complete calmness around carry the visitors close to the Mother Nature.

4. Sardar Sarovar Dam View Point: The viewpoint is always crowded by people and if one make way through them then there awaits a spectacular view of one of the world’s largest concrete gravity dam. Along with the soothing sound and mesmeric view of water flow leaves the visitor spellbound.

Photo of The Statue of Unity 5/9 by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar
Sardar Sarovar Dam

Once done with all the attraction available at the location, one can make their way towards the Souvenir Shop where gifts and dresses await them to be purchased.

My trip to the immortal structure of Sardar Patel Statue

After an amazing breakfast from the Raddison Blu Ahmedabad, I hire a private cab for Rupees 10 per kilometer. The journey begins from Ahmedabad at 8:30 am and leads its way from the Express Highway to the village of Kevadia. On reaching the destination, I am supposed to buy a ticket and like advised by the local residents I preferred for a viewing gallery ticket. Once inside a fully Air Conditioned bus the trip begins and results in once a life time experience of exploring the world’s tallest statue. It took the entire day to cover every single corner of the destination and to be frank it was a day spent well. Around mid night I return back to the room and my day long trip costed me around Rupees 4250/- which included the cab fare of Rs 3900 and a ticket fare of Rs 350.

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Photo of The Statue of Unity 6/9 by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar
Sight from the Viewing Gallery
Photo of The Statue of Unity 7/9 by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar
Photo of The Statue of Unity 8/9 by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar
Photo of The Statue of Unity 9/9 by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar