Travel teaches you to enjoy things you hate in your daily life


Here is a small list of things which we all would hate to face or do in our daily lives but would really fall in love to face these out there in the travel world. Each and every one of us would agree with these things which you can also connect with yourself.

Refreshing rays of sun:- As said by Heraclitus “The sun is new each day” which indicates the depth of the role of sun in each of our lives where as the sun in cities just increase the level of irritation of our skin, thanks to all the Global warming happening around. But if you face the same sun rays on the coast of an ocean or sea, or the edge of lake with pebbles and sand or the rays surging through the pine trees you would fall in love with those rays. You would feel such warmth of joy deep inside your heart due to those sun rays which you would get irritated facing in a daily life.

"And then I realized adventures are the best way to learn".

 Photo of Travel teaches you to enjoy things you hate in your daily life 1/5 by Anil Kumar

Terrific traffic jam: - Well traffic jam can be described by as many adjectives as possible like terrible, torturous, irritable and goes on…Not to ask this question, as all of us, including a patient, a child in a school van, a food delivery boy, a student everyone is literally pissed off due to the traffic jam we face in our daily lives. But let the same traffic jam happens to you amidst of mountains in Himalayas, I know you will love it, as you could embrace yourselves in that terrain region sitting in your vehicle for hours together and just sink into the mountains surrounding you. Even thou traffic there also irritates you but still would love to stay dre amidst of nothing but only nature around you.

By Plane, By Train, By Boat....Actually it doesn't matter as long as I can travel!!".

Photo of Travel teaches you to enjoy things you hate in your daily life 2/5 by Anil Kumar

Inaccessible Internet: - The very next thing is Wi-Fi or internet which has become very important basic needs of our lives like food and shelter bringing entire world to our door steps in need. If you miss the internet connection in home or in your office in between your work you will feel irritated but when you are on a journey or on a trip and meanwhile if your mobile tower shows no signal dre will be not even a single person to contact you neither your manager nor your teacher asking for all the assignments to be completed. You would really love to be far from all modern day marvels and enjoy the access to nature than internet access with that small amount of time you get on your own. Don’t worry even airtel 4g won’t have access in many places in India!!!

"I would rather own little and see the world, than own the world and see little of it".

Photo of Travel teaches you to enjoy things you hate in your daily life 3/5 by Anil Kumar

Wondrous walk and Tiresome trek: - The next thing would be to walk, if you are in your home you would maximum walk from living room to your bed room and vice versa, thanks to the so called well-being we keep ourselves with all cars and bikes they advertise on commercials. We don’t even like to climb a single floor on stairs at our office ,but when you are out dre amidst a dense forest and trees you will love to take a nature walk all over and would like to just flex muscles of the legs. We would also go on a long treks on the hill tops which gives a pain to body meanwhile soothes our soul permanently.

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trial". 

Photo of Travel teaches you to enjoy things you hate in your daily life 4/5 by Anil Kumar

Sumptuous Sleep: - Well who would not like to sleep hugging couches endlessly, but our so called developing lives would never allow that. When we are at home we will only sleep after 12 or 1 or sometimes will be awake on our bed just swapping the screen of our mobiles bored of the same life and will be sleep deprived all the day. When you are out there travelling, you will love to sleep early due to body pains you face thru travel; you might even take small naps anywhere and everywhere you sit.

"This heart of mine was made to travel this world".

Photo of Travel teaches you to enjoy things you hate in your daily life 5/5 by Anil Kumar

Then what are you waiting for fellas, get refreshed through rays of sun, try to get stuck in the traffic jam nowhere in the middle of nature’s lap, cut out that damn internet, walk miles and trek altitudes on mountains and sleep under trees. Live the life which is meant to live to the fullest by fulfilling the wanderlust in you.