9 Sound Trippin Songs Which Can Connect You To These States


"Never Underestimate The Therapeutic Power Of Travel & Music."

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I've never seen a person who travels without music. First thing we do when we disconnect from the world is just to observe the nature with some good soothing music. For some people it's a nightmare to travel without music, so we use our own choices of music while we travel. What if we get a chance to listen something which belongs to that particular place only. I was a big time fan of this MTV show called "Sound Tripping". In its Season 1 this girl Sneha Khanwalkar who is a good music director nowadays used to host this show and used so many random sounds to create some fantastic music and then In Season 2 so many musicians tried to do the same. So prepare yourself while entering into these states.

1. Tung tung - Punjab

Listen this soundtrack for the flavor of Punjab.

2. Kalki - Varanasi

Listen this soundtrack to mix yourself in the religious color of Banaras.

3. Yere - Karnataka

Listen this soundtrack to lost yourself somewhere in Yellapur.

4. Susegaado - Goa

Feel like a Goan with this song of Goa.

5. Jiyai Rakha - Assam

It doesn't matter you understand Assamese or not but you will surely love the music and feel of Assam.

6. Bambai (Mumbai)

This is actually very trippin. Welcome, You're in MumBhaaii. Girls! Please note Ranveer Singh is in the video.

7. Babu - Kolkata

We Call them Bangaali Babu.

8. Juju - Leh

This is very touching. Watch the video to get the real feel of Leh.

9. Call Of The Mountain- Himachal Pradesh

And here comes my favorite "Call of the mountain" not because it's related to my favorite state but it's actually very healing and peaceful.

Try to watch all the episodes of Sound Tripping to get the real feel of these states.