Where to go and when!

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Kashmir- March
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I have always heard about the perfect time to visit a particular destination and hence here is a guide for all you travel lovers on where to visit and when.

The destinations are all based in India depending on the weather, festivals and price of course!

January-Manali, for the snow. For all the mountain lovers who want to see snowfall and experience the hills, Manali is the best place to visit. Famous for its winters, certain roads might be closed. But then you can enjoy snowfall in the city itself.

February- Jaisalmer, for the desert festival. The festival is all about arts, craft and music. It shows the culture of Rajasthan along with the traditional Rajasthani cuisine. You will get to enjoy the culture as well as the festival of the State which happens to be in the last week of February. 

March- Kashmir, for the spring in full bloom. If you are a nature's fan, then you should not miss this out. The plantation and the beauty of Kashmir is in full bloom with the set of Summer. 

April-Gangtok. Mainly for the flower show which is rated as the best flower show in South Asia. Gangtok is famous for the Cymbidium Orchid Show which is held during March and April. The weather in April is quite pleasant and the average temperature is around 22 degrees. 

May-Assam. May is the last month to visit Assam before monsoon sets in. Assam is in full bloom in May when orchids are in bloom and Bihu has just gone by. There is a lot to see and do in Assam, especially  for nature lovers. 

June-Ladakh. The route is open only during June to September. Hence, it is advisable to take this journey in the month of June, and the best way is on a bike. This is the time when Ladakh is the most beautiful, the weather is around 25 degrees and the very sunny which makes it pristine and clear. I would personally recommend you to take this trip. 

July-Kasauni in Uttarakhand. This place looks immensely beautiful in the monsoons. The weather is calm and the hills play a song of their own. You can have a clear view of the Himalayas and enjoy the sheer beauty of the hills. For adventure lovers, trekking through the Himalayan range could be a lifetime opportunity.

August-Delhi. The national Capital cannot be forgotten. One has to visit Delhi for its various tourist destinations, shopping and the gardens. The weather in Delhi is pleasant in August and there is a lot to do in Delhi. You might also like to make a visit to the Agra Fort which lies close by to Delhi. 

September-Amritsar, Punjab. Usually Punjab remains extremely hot during summers, hence post monsoon is the best time to visit the state. Amritsar is known for the Golden Temple which is visited by many tourists throughout the year. Trust me, it is worth it. Try some delicious Punjabi food while in Amritsar.

October-Kerala. Monsoon is not a suitable time to visit Kerala. The peak season begins from September, when the weather is clear. The weather is warm and comfortable, the Ayurvedic treatments can very well be enjoyed. Kerala looks even more beautiful after the monsoons hence October is the perfect time to visit.

November- Varanasi, the less visit destination. Ganga is clean after Diwali and it has the best music festival of Classical dance and music. Various artists are seen performing at the festival along with the grand aartis of the Ganga. November is a soul stirring time to visit Varanasi.

December- Goa. It may cost more but it will be worth it. The peak season is Dec to Feb. December means parties, new years and sunburn! Goa feels like a different place in Dec. You may have been to Goa a couple of times already but nothing will match up to the feel and weather that December holds.

I may not have covered all the states or the cities but this is an illustrative list. Get detailed information about the place before you decide to visit one. Make sure you get to see the best of the destination you are visiting. After all, you do not want to miss out on anything worth seeing. Make the most of the beauty, festivals or the weather that speaks about India.