The Ultimate Collection of TRAVEL Songs for your Next Roadtrip!


The right kind of music at the right moment has the power to add significant colours to any experience. And when it comes to travelling alone or with company, music can brighten the mood to altogether another level! Here is a list of such easy songs that would ensure you a great time while you're on that road feeling the breeze of ecstacy!( in no definite order whatsoever).

1.Roadhouse Blues- THE DOORS

That moment when you start the car, turn up the music and look back for one last time.The perfect initiation song for a new journey! Get a smirk on and give up the comfort of your couch!

2.Country Roads-JOHN Denver

Whether I am traveling towards home or away from it, this age-old chartbuster never fails to transport me to a long winding country road with a lungful of fresh air!

3.Travelling- PAPER LIONS

"Travelling the road last known is where I want to be".
Try this song for an instant upbeat wave of energy!

4.Good Life : ONE REPUBLIC

The one song that always manages to leave me with boom of POSITIVE! This is that one song I never leave home without!
It is definitely gonna be a GOOD LIFE!

5.Step outside : JOSE GONZALES

Fills you with a rush of sweet adrenalin!Listen to the entire soundtrack of the movie "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty".
Specially-Escape by Jack Johnson, Stay Alive & Dream : Jose Gonzales. 
Link to OST


6.Hit The Road Jack- RAY CHARLES

You can't not tap your feet(or maybe a do a funny move or two) when you hear this song!
Hit That Road!

7.Staying Alive : Bee Gees

Some songs never loose their luster and this one is surely one of them! Because,
"whether you're a mother, or whether you're brother


You got a fast car
But is it fast enough so we can fly away?
A couple-travel delight!

9.Follow The Sun- XAVIER RUDD

The music and the video, both inspire you to pack your bags and just walk away this instant, to see the miracle that is our World! So follow,follow the sun!
Give an ear to other songs by him- Sky to Ground,Come Let go,Breeze.(Perfect songs to listen to on a beach)

10.What a Wonderful World- LOUIS ARMSTRONG


11.Something As Simple As This : JAKE BUGG

Love this song for its meaningful lyrics and great composition! Also try Simple Pleasures by the same artist!

12.Featherstone : PAPER KITES

Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart!
More songs by them-Willow tree march,Bloom.

13. Taro- ALT-J

The video is pretty cool and so is this artist. Check out more songs by the same artist-Matilda, Tesselate,Breezeblocks.
They make for an interesting soundtrack when you're travelling through different towns and cities!

14.I'm Yours- JASON MRAZ 

Jason Mraz-the king of breezy songs!

Tune yourself into some awesome music. If you like these, I'd definitely love to share more!
Also, feel free to suggest more songs!