10 Beautiful Japanese Words for Cherry Blossom Season

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Cherry blossom, also known as sakura in Japanese, marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

There are over 70 words for cherry blossom in Japanese, and each of them describes different attributes of the magnificent cherry blossom.

Let's learn about 10 Japanese words for cherry blossom season.

(1) Hatsuzakura 初桜

Hatsuzakura is the name for first Cherry Blossom of the year.

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(2) Hanafubuki 花吹雪

Hanafubuki is described as 'Flower Snowstorm'.

When full bloom happens, Cherry Blossom petals leave the tree and fly with a breeze in different directions, giving the view of snowflakes.

White and pink-coloured petals create a beautiful scene that steals the viewer's heart.

(3) Sakura Zensen 桜前線

Sakura Zensen means 'Sakura Front'.

Japan Meteorological Agency releases an annual forecast, referring it with 'front' of sakura. That means the arrival of Cherry Blossom.

'Sakura front' moves upwards to Japan, from Kyushu to Hokkaido. Locals heavily rely on this forecast to predict the blossom in their area.

(4) Hanagasumi 花霞

Hanagasumi means 'Flower Haze'.

Hanagasumi occurs when lots of cherry blossom trees blossom together in a row, creating a blurry vision with its pink and white petals, called flower haze.

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(5) Sakurabito

This is one of the most beautiful word.

Sakurabito is translated as 'Sakura Person'.

It is said to address a person who is a die-hard fan of Sakura and hanami celebration.

Hanami is the cherry blossom viewing party.

(6) Yozakura 夜桜

Yozakura means 'Night Sakura'.

One of the favourite pastime during Cherry Blossom season is to watch them during the night.

Even at night, they twinkle like a star which gives a pleasant experience.

(7) Asazakura 浅倉

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Asazakura means 'Morning Sakura'.

Asazakura is when the cherry blossom intertwined with morning dew, giving sakura admirers a spectacular view.

(8) Zanou

Zanou means 'Remaining Sakura'.

Cherry blossoms that remain even after the spring has passed are popularly called Zanou.

(9) Sakuragari

Sakuragari means 'Sakura Hunting'.

Those who are in search of the beauty of Cherry Blossom are known as Sakuragari.

(10) Ubazakura

Ubazakura is translated as 'Old-Woman Sakura'.

Ubazakura is used as a metaphor for a woman who, despite passing her youth, is still beautiful and alluring.

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