A Visit to Noor Mahal in Karnal 


Authenticity is one characteristic we look for and admire in the place we visit. Hotels, cities, countries, the truer to their culture they are, the more enhanced is the experience. Don’t you think so?

We were visiting India after a long time and wanted to choose a place for the weekend, close to our hometown, Delhi.

We discovered a newly opened palace-like hotel in Karnal, which was the perfect distance for a road trip, and perfectly isolated for some quite time we deserved after so many months of hard work!

Noor Mahal Karnal, located about 40 minutes into the farmer fields from the city (Karnal), was our easy and definitely luxurious abode for the next 2 days and we were more than excited!

We reached in the evening and were welcomed with flowers and a pineapple drink we still remember the taste of.

We went into our room, ate literally all the yummy desserts they put out for us, including the fruits, and straight went for a bubble bath for at least 30 minutes. Ah, beginning to sense I need that kind of relaxation again!

With nothing planned, we woke up in the morning, had a hearty breakfast and explored the hotel, because honestly, it was giving us of those epic Maharaja vibes. Big wooden doors, Rajasthani Architecture, everything coordinated with summer colors, luxurious pelts of the fabric on everything we saw, just excited us more (remember authenticity?)

Had a glorious lunch at the bar, treated ourselves with some drinks and decided to go for a couple’s spa. Trust me, the best decision we made (thinking we should do that more, but fear getting too relaxed).

That one hour of massage gave me a glimpse of heaven. You can never have enough spa days, or going to beautiful fancy hotels like this one.

No stay-cation is ever complete without a walk in the lawn. The sun was about to set, the weather was getting rainy (we’d take anything coming from the heat of Dubai), the Rajasthani folk dancers were ready to start their show; we took a walk in the drizzle with folk music (and of the payal the dancers had on their feet, accompanied by the soft music of the trees in that beautiful weather) playing in the background, a walk to remember indeed.

I will hardly ever write about good experiences at a “hotel”, but this was a special one. The people, the stay, the property, everything was truly worth the hype that I wish to create about Noor Mahal (I mean look at our pictures!).

Your next weekend stay-cation is definitely sorted my Delhites!

You can Visit there website here : https://www.noormahal.in/