Must Watch YouTube Series for You in 2020

22nd May 2020
Photo of Must Watch YouTube Series for You in 2020 by The Broke Doc

I know you all are missing the thrill of travel whether its domestic or abroad

But do not worry, you can still see the world through the perspective of the camera and some amazing people

Here are some epic shows, all available on YouTube

1) Departure (3 seasons)

Departure is very close to my heart. I accidentally discovered it and I am glad that I did

I just remained hooked and binged the whole series in one go

Scott and Justin leave everything behind and step out to Travel The World by themselves for 3 years and its amazing to see how these guys have friends in different parts of the world who help them to see around and teach them their culture and tradition

You name any country and they had been there even in North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, etc

Just try not to cry when the series is over

2) The World of MG: An Indian Abroad and Road To MG

Amol Prashar, they couldn't go wrong with this one, full of energy and quirky personality

This show is a true delight and full-on infotainment, trying out new things that no other show would

This show really grows on you

3) The World of MG: Homecoming (3 Seasons)

The duo, Aisha and Ayush step out on an adventure within the country exploring the regions of South India, North East India and Rajasthan

Its good to see the millennial duo taking interest in Indian History and Heritage and enjoying every second of it

4) Soul Trails

This docuseries gives you major friendship goals

How traveling with your friends is supposed to be like

Travel with them on a 10 day road trip from Manali to Leh

5) Under The Rupee

Its a 4 part series on an Indian Guy on a Budget Trip to Hungary

I m just glad, its not a typical vlog

Its a proper series and really documented well and might help you to plan your next trip

6) Way Back Home: A Himalayan Travelogue

As the name suggests, this show is for all the Mountain People out there

Since it had been filmed by a filmmaker, its cinematic style is really appealing

Happy Traveling!

The Broke Doc

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