Kashipur Tourism and Travel Guide

Cradled by the colossal Himalayan peaks and massive glaciers, Uttarakhand offers yet another veiled tourist attraction – Kashipur. Situated in the Udham Nagar district of Uttarakhand, this town is a striking confluence of beauty and heritage. It is a town of profound historical, cultural, spiritual and archaeological significance, dating back to Mahabharata period. Drona Sagar lake, nestled in the centre of town, is the right place for people looking for moments of spirituality. The pristine pond, dotted with blossoming lotus flowers, is surrounded by various temples that are frequented by ardent devotees. Close to this lake is the famous Chaiti Devi Temple that hosts a grand fair every year. Another lake in the historic town of Kashipur is Giri Sarovar. For the adventure lovers, Kashipur offers camping and trekking in the heart of untouched Kumaon region. The close proximity of the town with Nainital and Jim Corbett National Park opens them up as getaway options as well.
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