A complete travel guide to visit 23 places on bike and to watch Milkyway #DestinationSkip

13th Feb 2021

A complete guide to see Milkyway from Kerala - pcakhilnadh

Photo of A complete travel guide to visit 23 places on bike and to watch Milkyway #DestinationSkip by Akhil Nadh Pc

Hey Global, I'm sharing my travel itinerary of a 2 days budget bike trip from Kochi. We visited more than 23 places watched Milkyway riding almost 430km round trip.

WARNING : The route and travel plan mentioned in this blog are only ment for highly skilled riders. Please do not try to follow the itinerary you are not a skilled rider. Follow this route at your own risk, I am not responsible if anything happens. There are many offroads, maddy roads, slipery rocks in the journey also there may be road blocks due to anticipated landslides

A quick summary about the trip.

Best time to take this trip would be September - November . As soon as heavy rainy season stops. So that there will be enough water in dams and waterfalls.

Distance Travelled - 432km

Expense - 2200 Stay + 3000 Bullet Rent + 1100 Petrol + Other expense = 6500

We rented bike from Caferides[1] - Check my review about them on Googel Map[2] where I have mentioned about the bullet I rented, the cost analyses and how to approach them to avail some discounts.

We stayed at The outerspace campers also known as Toss Gampling, Vandiperiyar. Check my review about them on Google Map where I have explained in detail their activity, cost of accomodation and some beautiful pictures.

To avail any discounts when you approach Caferiders or The outserspace sathram campers please do mention you have heard from me. May be you might get some discount in price. Who knows ;)

Day 1

We started from Palarivattam, Kochi early in the morning covering following places.

1. Marmala Waterfall

2. Mueugan Hill

3. Thangalpara

4. Paragliding View Point

5. Kolahalamedu view point

6. Pine Valley

7. Palozhukumpara Waterfall

8. Panchalimedu Meadows

9. Valanjamkanam Waterfall

10. Ammachi Kottaram

11. Pine Forest

12. Pattumalay Heritage Tea Factory

13. Parunthumpara Hill Viewpoint

15. Toss Gampling - The Outerspace Sathram

Click here for Google map travel route  - From Palarivattam to Panchalimedu Meadows [5] and From Panchalimedu Meadows to Toss Gampling the outerspace camp [6]

We saw the Milkyway from this camp spot on Feb 14, 2021. It was a mesmerising experience and I was very lucky to witness and capture the moment.  Follow me on my instagram to know more about how to spot and capture milkyway on phone. The image I've shown was shot completely using the phone. 

Day 2

After watching sunrise from Toss Gampling we left the camp and covered the following places. It is totally woth skipping the breakfast and sunrise from the camp and moving to suicide point. You will get better view. Please note the route to suicide point is highly risky to ride the bike. Of course, you will be a pro rider if you are reading till here. 

16. Suisidepoint Manjumala

17. Parunthumpara Hill Viewpoint

 18. Illikal Kallu

19. Elaveezhapoonjira

20. Malankara Dam

21. Aruvikuthu Waterfall

22. Uravapara View Point

23. Chakki Para

24. Palarivattam

Click here for Google map travel route - From Toss Gampling to Palarivattam [7]

Footnote : I will be updating the pictures of the places as and when I upload them on my Instagram. Stay tuned. ! 


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