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Lavasa: Things to do in Lavasa city -

Lavasa is one of the most unique hilltop towns in Maharashtra India surrounded via mountains having scenic lake, waterfalls and a tremendous landscape. It is a private town evolved and maintained by way of Hindustan Construction Company. The most appealing part of this metropolis is the Promenade which has a very picturesque backdrop of pastel-colored homes. These buildings have residential residences as well as resort motels. There are many enjoyable activities in Lavasa which includes journey water sports activities, cycling or take a walk at the promenade playing the fascinating environment.

While you’re to your manner to Lavasa, you will locate many places where you may get down of your vehicle or motorcycles, do little appropriate pictures with the hills beautifully blanketed with lots of greenery and waterfalls. The monsoon season gives in reality pleased and pleasant vibes to this town.

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