£Love £Life £London #photosabroad

15th Nov 2013

Its a dream come true when you visit abroad with your life partner. That too if you are traveling to one of the top 10 destinations in the world i.e. "London"

Me and my wife were super excited when we planned to visit London from Edinburgh, Scotland that is where i was working during 2013

Being the kids grown up watching Bollywood movies in Doordarshan, When they show London in movies they capture places like Tower bridge, Canary Wharf, Trafalgar square, Big Ben, London eye, Buckingham palace etc. We were jumping with joy recalling those movies and gazing the places in present

With the help of my friends who had visited it before me, i came up with 4 days itinerary. It was the experience of life with my love in abroad #sweet memories

Day 1:

Canary Wharf tube station

Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 1/19 by Nithin S P
Canary Wharf tube station
Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 2/19 by Nithin S P
Mesmerizing view of road way, rail way (tube) through buildings
Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 3/19 by Nithin S P
Must visit on your itinerary
Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 4/19 by Nithin S P
Believe me - You just forget the outside world once you enter 'Madame Tussauds'

Due to overnight journey on the previous day, we covered the day one in a relaxed manner

Day 2:

Big Ben

Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 5/19 by Nithin S P
Big Ben when viewed from river cruise ride

Tower of London

Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 6/19 by Nithin S P
'Kohinoor diamond is here'

Tower Bridge (Most often confused to be London bridge)

Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 7/19 by Nithin S P
Picture perfect - 'Tower bridge'

London Eye

Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 8/19 by Nithin S P
'Hawk view from London Eye'

View of Big Ben from the other side of the river

Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 9/19 by Nithin S P

Oxford Circus

Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 10/19 by Nithin S P
Big advertisement in TVs

Regent street

Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 11/19 by Nithin S P
Decorated for Christmas

Second day in the London trip is the busiest day in our tour. We covered several places with minimum travel/journey as all of them being on either sides of river 'Thames'

Day 3:

Buckingham Palace

Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 12/19 by Nithin S P
'In front of Buckingham palace'
Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 13/19 by Nithin S P
'Change of Guards' - Activity of be witnessed

Royal Mews

Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 14/19 by Nithin S P
Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 15/19 by Nithin S P
'Royal Chariot'

The Queen's Gallery

Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 16/19 by Nithin S P
Entrance shot

Due to riots in London we were stopped from the bus before we proceeded to London zoo, delayed and hence missed it. Another reason being November (winter) it gets dark by around 3 p.m. and bad time to visit London if you want to see more.

Winter is the time to chill out and have fun in London, specially if you are newly married

Day 4:


Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 17/19 by Nithin S P
Entrance of Wimbledon lawn tennis stadium
Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 18/19 by Nithin S P
One of the big stadiums in Wimbledon
Photo of £Love £Life £London #photosabroad 19/19 by Nithin S P
'Press Meet happens here'

After viewing the Wimbledon stadium, we visited Queens Bowling. Missed those memories in Camera but have them fresh in my heart and mind

Not to forget, 'Chennai Dosa Restaurant' needs a special mention here (Every foodie loves to eat here). For those who love and missed Indian breakfast for a while, its a feast here.

Breakfast buffet costing around 4-5£ and they levy 1£ fine if you waste food too!

London is one place which has everything to offer for people of all ages ranging from shopping, historical, sports, adventurous, relaxing, photography etc.