21st Feb 2020


Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES by Rituraj Gogoi

To show the world what adventure is like , one has feel himself /herself and self explore the situation right . So this journey took me to start a small trekking trip with my school friends nearby my house Debasish and Jojo . They both were very excited for the travel plans . We made certain checklist too also what things to be carried and not to enjoy our trek properly . Our destination was Dzukou Valley sitauted between Nagaland and Manipur border. Selection of Dzukou was for a reason that our plan was for a beginner experience and Nagaland being our immediate neighbour state from Assam was easily accessible. We enquired few of the things like transports ,weather and convenience to make yourself sure about the journey preparations.

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  1/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

As it was very budgeted trip we started early in the morning in the month of April just three /four days before Bohag Bihu celebration was due . We three boarded the morning daily train to Guwahati from simaluguri our nearest station from Sivasagar . 

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  2/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

The train journey was smooth enough with group of friends however when travelling alone it feels very annoying at times . We reached Dimapur our train stop destination for Nagaland around 12:30pm . As we didn't eat any heavy breakfast before as soon as we reached our stop had lunch in a very clean IRCTC maintain restaurant . 

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  3/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

To reach Dzukou Valley the nearest destination is to reach Kohima , so three of us boarded the shared SUMO that are economic to travel in Nagaland. The road Kohima was getting constructed for the upcoming four-lane Highway so we had tough ride scrambled inside a full packed SUMO for around 5/6 hrs and reached Kohima. 

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  4/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

It was in the evening we reached Kohima and the markets ,shops were closing by as in Hilly areas the people do tend to have dinners early the market time also differs from the plains . We hadn't made any reservations but yet hopefully found a good lodge to spend our night having rest for the long trekking adventure next day. 

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  5/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

We tend to fall asleep due to the whole tiresome journey and woke up early in the morning . Our plan was to start very early in the morning the trekking session but got delayed due to transport easily not available to reach the trekking reach point that is Vishwema Village from Kohima main town centre . 

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  6/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

The distance is approximately around 14kms and the hired taxis are only available to travel . Reaching the starting Vishwema Village we had an enquiry about how was the road to walk for the starting point or not . We had gone through few enquiries and even a taxi person approached us to get hired and drop us till the exact trek start point . But we ignored those notions and started walking from the village entry point which was quite a long distance . 

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  7/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

Crossing every uphill turns were very difficult as I had walked after a long time , however my companions Debasish and Jojo energy seemed to be jovial to reach the trek end point . As we started the main ascend which had rocky footholds and steps the monsoon season was making it difficult to hold our steps steady . However our footwear were adequate enough to give us stronghold while walking. We recommend everyone going for an adventure like trekking should always get recommended footwear which are meant for hilly climbs and grips . 

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  8/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

The steps take around 1 hour for a moderate beginner level person also to complete and reach the viewpoint . One should take a break at this point and enjoy the mesmerising views from the heights of the viewpoint . As the plain trail of walking starts next one can even have some small snacks or lunch to fill up the energy required for remaining trekking . The remaining trek is a long distance plain trail of walking by side of the hill . We proceed along cautiously as the road was still slippery and filled with mud .There are lot of twist and turns and even the fog filled the way in between or rain. I had carried a small personal drone with me which I was able to fly thrice only as there is limited power supply and no electricity available only solar power is there for adequate phone charges . 

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  9/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

The rules of carrying a camera or drone have changed now noticed in my recent trips ,one has to get information updated at the village starting point and pay for camera and plastic carrying charges . No drone camera is allowed as a hefty fine is issued over using a drone its better to not carry one now. We had reached the valley guesthouse drenched in rain even we had covered ourselves with Raincoats from head to toe. As the weather seems always funny rainy for around a couple of minutes and the sun will be shining another minute which keeps on doing during the monsoon season. 

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  10/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

Reaching the guest house we shed our cloths and tried to dry whatever on the sunshine that was left as the evening was nearing. SAYO stands for South Angami Youth Organisation which is the governing body that take cares of the guest house and maintenance of the whole valley . Few members were jolly cooking there stuff when we arrived and few more weary visitors were noticed . 

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  11/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

We did went with our tent to have the camping experience , but as it was cold weather we didn't thought of taking the bet to risk in cold outside. Had some bonfire in the kitchen place and our dinner with potato fry soup ,daal and rice . We were readily asleep in the dormitories that are provided as staying option in Dzukou Valley on rental basis for one person per spot . Blankets and mats are also available there on rental basis. If one is more peculiar at sleeping habits need to carry their own sleeping bag and tents which the most preferred facility for camping friends.

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  12/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

As we enquired about for the valley and about the rainy weather my friend Debasish and Jojo were worn out and me completely out of the situation to visit the valley for the guesthouse in morning time . So we didn't attempted to visit the valley for the first time when we went Dzukou Valley as it says you have visit it thrice or else your soul gets stuck there . Kept the promise that we will gonna visit the valley in our next time . Morning return was very bit tough as we walked from the village starting point which took the toil on our legs and knee joints .

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  13/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

While descending i was dragging myself down with weary rain dripped cloths and my backpack being carried by JOJO who was the most young spirited person to go with us . Debasish made his early descend and was waiting at the starting point for moreover an hour which i took time to reach . Readily a pickup vehicle can be called during the descend time to pick you up which makes the task easy but we had to wait long enough for that too. Well when our vehicle finally arrived we were cussing each other or remembering the funny tough moments and also thought of creating the videos and photos presenting the world the Dzukou Valley . Well this first trek lesson of such long duration more then 30km plus taught me that we have to test ourselves for such moments to keep our mind and body balanced, healthy which helps us to overcome and beat such difficult situation and give new high hopes of living a life trying to self improve and compete within ourselves . 

Photo of DZUKOU VALLEY ESCAPADES  14/14 by Rituraj Gogoi

Anyone interested for a moderate trek and beginner level can find Dzukou Valley one of the most experiencing and mesmerising route with its green valley scenic rare white and yellow lily flowers and changing colours of the valley during the different seasons of the year.