Into the Wild: Exploring the beauty of Zana Jungle Resort Ranthambore

Photo of Into the Wild: Exploring the beauty of Zana Jungle Resort Ranthambore by vishakha Talreja

Embarking on our first adventure of 2024 to Ranthambore, I excitedly told my seven-year-old, “Let's go spot some tigers”. The clear choice for our stay was the recently unveiled Zana Jungle Resort, boasting 20 elegantly designed cottages amid six acres of lush surroundings.

The lovely aesthetics of the cottages at Zana Forest Resort Ranthambore

Photo of Into the Wild: Exploring the beauty of Zana Jungle Resort Ranthambore by vishakha Talreja

Zana Jungle Resort in Ranthambore offers a forest retreat, featuring expansive cottages with sit-out areas, private gardens and some even equipped with a luxurious Jacuzzi.

Thanks to the convenience of the Delhi-Mumbai expressway, Ranthambore is now just a smooth five-hour drive away, making it an ideal weekend getaway. Zana prides itself on understated luxury that doesn't intrude. With in-room check-in, we swiftly reached our cottage upon arrival, providing an instant escape and relaxation after our journey.

Our room showcased a contemporary minimalist design while exuding old-world charm with a four-poster bed and intricate woodwork. The private garden became the perfect spot for a lavish breakfast in the morning sun, accompanied by a delightful sit-out offering sweeping views of the lush greens—a rejuvenating experience for urban dwellers like us. The bathroom too had an ergonomic design but at the same time had lot of natural light and even opened to a garden. With its quest to be a sustainable resort, the toiletries had eco-friendly package.

The resort boasts an array of amenities, including an all-day dining area Mayfair, an indoor gaming zone with video games and bowling alley, an outdoor play area and a refreshing pool. While the spa is set to open its doors in the coming months, our stay was already enriched by diverse experiences. Since the resort is spread in six acres, we explored the resort on bicycles that were available. While this might be a resort for that slow holiday that you are planning, there is also plenty to do. Like play tennis or badminton in the courts or tend the yoga sessions in the morning that the resort offers.

We cherished the Zana moments—a delightful liquor tasting session followed by a barbecue by the poolside and a memorable private dinner on the chabootra with live music. The resort seamlessly arranged a safari for us. The resort is in close proximity to the Ranthambore National Park. We also visited the Ranthambore Fort ad were mesmerised by all the stories that our guide narrated.

Even though we didn't spot the big cats, it was a perfect unwinding holiday at the Zana Jungle Resort.

If you are heading to Ranthambore, book your safari well in advance as slots run out quite fast! Also check if cottages with private Jacuzzi are available to book nd are not sold out.