Thailand- Bangkok Hotel in INR 140 per night only, Travel Adopter Not Needed


Thailand- Bangkok Hotel in INR 140 per night only, Travel Adopter No Need - Episode -3 - Thailand

Remember where we left? In previous post of Thailand Series. We kept laughing. To be the part of this funny and full of comedy conversation. He (The Cab Driver) informed us that its Rama the 10th King ceremony and the place where we are staying will be closed for few days and we need to walk to get any cab or bus.

And he was right, of the 3rd day we all had to walk more than 5 kilometers with our bags.Hotel accommodation is decent. We booked it online thru app. It was a question about what the meaning of Swarn Bhumi is. which is the name of Bangkok Airport just like Indra Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

Lots of coconut were fallen on his head. and he was not able to think and tell. This is not the only thing, there were so many funny conversations like frog meat and tip etc. I asked about his name. We reached our hotel in some time and paid him 200 Bhat and exchanged our numbers. Paid 1140 Baths for 2 nights and 3 days.

It was a private room with total 4 dome beds and yes it was with a AC. Cost per head was only INR 140 per night. Which was really good price for a budget traveler like me.He replied - it's impossible to tell in English? Really? We asked surprisingly. Yeah! He said, We kept putting efforts... to know the spellings of his name.Then he said - you listen and tell me, how he should speak his name and what should be the spellings of his name. He opened YouTube and played with some video.After listen to that I confirmed that yes! You can start your name with A, alphabet.I was shocked when I saw on his mobile screen.It was a frog making "Turrrrr Turrrr sound" which was like "Rap rap rap..." where "r" was silent, and it was sounding like "Arp Arp Arp...." What a strange name... isn't it?

Myth / confusion of Universal Travel Adopter.

Day 1

I paid 200 rupees to buy it from India only. This travel adopter is required only if you have something which has 3 Pin plugs. For 2 pins plus like mobile charges etc., this travel adaptor is not required. So, need not to invest your money on this travel adaptor. Also, this evening, we are going to see "Phra Sumen Fort" which is nearby to our hostel. See the video, to know how amazing this place is. It's because of the river and colors on that day.