Chandipur – The Wonder Beach

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Riding a Bike on the Sea Bed

Many of us have experienced a walk in the mountains, trekked through forest trails and meadows, loitered through remote villages and may be braved frozen rivers and lakes. But a feeling beyond reckoning is the bare feet walk on the sea bed in Chandipur towards the infinite horizon. With 360 degree view of the watery carpet, the experience of standing in the middle of the ocean, literally, is unparalleled. Staring at the horizon, wondering at the blue expanse, witnessing the ever changing shades of water and the ethereal feeling of walking on the sea bed are some of the “must do” things in Chandipur.

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Shades of Blue

Nature’s Magic

Similar to the life of a common man, the waves recede into the sea for around 3 miles and after attending to the daily chores (whatever it has to do in the sea), return back in the evening to their “home”. The reason behind this is the unique topography of the sea bed which aids the flow of water inwards during low tide and vice versa during the high tide. This magical phenomenon is one of its kind in India and very few places in the world boast of such an occurrence. Due to the difference in water level across the vast sea bed, one can witness varying colors of blue in neatly stacked parallel lines making it look like a painter’s canvas obsessed with the colour “blue”. Another remarkable visual treat is the army of small waves in the middle, spread across the length of the ocean. This unusual positioning and subsequent shifting of the waves is due to the peculiar slope of the sea bed in Chandipur. Due to its special contour, the place supports a unique range of bio diversity namely the ruby colored rare Horseshoe crab often known as the “living fossils” (fossils of these crabs’ ancestors date back to 450 million years which is 200 million years before dinosaurs existed). The beach also has an abundance of sea shells, drift wood and King crabs.

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Walking on the Sea

The Surreal Walk

Nature has a strange way of reminding humans that how small we are and how fleeting our time is on this earth. Standing in the middle will make one experience that puny feeling. The surroundings here speak a silent language which is easy to decipher, but hard to comprehend. Under the vast open sky with one’s feet ankle deep in the soft swirling sea water, it’s a feeling of being submerged in nothingness with no sense of time and space. The occasional fluttering of a Caspian gull, the intermittent calls of fishermen, the sound of the distant waves and the isolated giggling of playful kids create a blissful harmony.

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Reflection of the Sky

The Mirror

During the ebb, the sea bed resembles a stunning silver sheet which reflects the ever changing cloudscapes while the sun rays play hide and seek creating contrasting golden sparkles intermittently. It takes time to absorb the euphoric atmosphere. The mirror like seascape is reminiscent of picture perfect postcards of high altitude water bodies reflecting the surrounding snow clad hills. As evening falls, the entire sea bed turns into a collage of shiny orange and yellow. It is a photographer’s delight as the sparse evening crowd forms perfect silhouettes against the setting sun. It is impossible to describe the beach in phrases that aren’t clichés – breathtaking, enchanting and unforgettable.

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An Evening Walk

A Quintessential Ride

Driving a 4 wheel drive on a sandy beach is one thing and the experience of riding a bike, literally on the sea bed, is another. Splashing sea water on both sides, feeling the taste of the brisk salty breeze and the prospect of riding into the infinite horizon can be an exhilarating experience. The less adventurous can rent a jeep and have a joy ride on the sea bed during the low tide.

Succulent Sea Food

The fishermen have an easy catch during the low tide and manage to catch loads of prawns, fish and crabs. Due to this, many local eateries line up the shore serving fresh sea food. After a refreshing walk from the beach, one can always tuck up some delicious fresh prawn and crab dishes adhering to either Odia or Bengali cuisine.

The waves come and go. The thoughts wander. But time stands still in Chandipur. There is something about the beach – its magnificence, its uniqueness, it scale and the glorious loneliness all around which makes it the ‘Wonder Beach’ of the world.


Getting There: Chandipur can be reached by travelling to Balasore (210 kms from Bhubaneswar). The beach is 16 kms from the town.

Best Time to Visit: August to March

Transport: Balasore is a part of the South Eastern Railways and can be reached easily via train from all major cities of the country. Regular bus services also ply from Bhubaneswar.


At/PO: Chandipur, Balasore - 756025

Ph. (06782) 270051/270065