Odisha - The soul of Incredible India!

Photo of Odisha - The soul of Incredible India! 1/1 by Shibani Das
In the picture is river Mahanadi flowing through a 22km long gorge between the Eastern Ghats 

Odisha ( formerly called Orissa ) boasts of a rich history, fascinating tribal culture, natural beauty and since it has a long coastline there are some elements of sun and sand!

Geographically, Odisha appears to be like a coastal corridor between the North and South India.

Odisha houses some of the most well known temples in the world and our capital city is often called the “City of Temples “ . Odisha is home to some of the most delicious dishes in the world ( The 64 dishes made daily in one of the largest kitchens in the world - Jagannath Temple at Puri ) is a testimony to it.

Odissi dance, pride of our culture is the oldest surviving dance form of India.

More than 62 distinct tribal groups live here, each with its own distinct cultures and tradition.

Wheeler Island, south of Chandipur, Odisha is the place where most of the missiles of India are tested.

We have the Chilika lake - the biggest brackish water lake and the largest coastal lagoon in India. It is home to some shy, elusive and critically endangered Irrawady dolphins. It also hosts thousands of migratory birds from as far as siberia every year!

To my fellow people out there,

There is lot more to Odisha than Puri Jagannath temple ,Konark temple and Sambalpuri sarees. With a huge dominating tribal population we still have a decent literacy rate of about 73% ( as on 2011 ). Though a socio-economically backward state and notorious for hunger deaths - the people of this state are simple and peace loving. Generally, Odias are underestimated with the tag of “poorest” state but we silently contribute to the society and the world.

Today, on the occasion of Utkal Divas, I proudly re-introduce my state :

The land of rich history

The land of beautiful temples

The land of rich culture and heritage

The land of delicious delicacies

The land of the rich odissi dance

The land of beautiful beaches

The land of diversified culture and tribal groups

The land of the rising

The land of simple people

And, how Odia people would love it - The land of Lord Jagannath!


Odisha - Scenic , serene , sublime!

The soul of Incredible India !!