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📍 Golghar, BiharView map ›

🗓 Best Time To Visit:October to March

⏰ Open Hours:10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

🎯 Things To Do:Explore the monument, Enjoy panoramic city views, Visit nearby Gandhi Maidan Park

💰 Budget:Free entry

👥 Traveller Types:History buffs, Families, Solo travellers

🏆 Known For:Being one of the oldest British monuments in Patna, its unique beehive shape, 360-degree view of the city from the top

📍 Distances:From Patna Railway Station - 3.3 km, From Jay Prakash Narayan Airport - 6.8 km, From Patna City Centre - 2.5 km

♿ Accessibility:Not wheelchair accessible

📷 Photography:Allowed, great for cityscape and monument photography

👟 Trek:145 steps to reach the top, can be challenging for some

📌 Tips:Wear comfortable shoes, visit in the early morning or late afternoon for best views

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Golghar Patna: A Historical and Cultural Gem of Bihar

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the entire city of Patna from a bird’s eye view? If yes, then you should definitely visit Golghar Patna, a historical and cultural gem of Bihar. Golghar Patna is a massive granary that was built in the 18th century as a famine relief measure. It is one of the most iconic landmarks of Patna and a popular tourist attraction.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Golghar Patna, including its history, architecture, features, attractions, and tips to plan your visit. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or a thrill seeker, Golghar Patna has something for everyone.

History of Golghar Patna

Golghar Patna was built in 1786 by Captain John Garstin, a British engineer and architect, under the orders of Warren Hastings, the first Governor-General of India. The purpose of building Golghar Patna was to store grains for the British army and the local population in case of a famine. The famine of 1770 had killed millions of people in Bihar and Bengal, and the British wanted to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again.

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Golghar Patna was designed to hold up to 140,000 tons of grains, but it was never filled to its maximum capacity. The reason was that the door of Golghar Patna opened from inside, which made it difficult to unload the grains. This was a major flaw in the design of Golghar Patna, which was never rectified. Golghar Patna witnessed many historical events and personalities, such as the First War of Independence in 1857, the Champaran Satyagraha led by Mahatma Gandhi in 1917, and the Quit India Movement in 1942.

Architecture of Golghar Patna

Golghar Patna is a unique and impressive example of British colonial architecture in India. It is shaped like a stupa, a Buddhist dome-like structure, and has a height of 29 meters and a diameter of 32-35 meters. It is made of brick and lime mortar, and has no pillars or beams to support it.

It has a spiral staircase of 145 steps that leads to the top of the dome, where one can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the Ganges. The dome of Golghar Patna has two small windows on opposite sides, which were used to load and unload the grains. The dome also has a circular opening at the top, which was meant to ventilate the grains. The architecture of Golghar Patna reflects the engineering and aesthetic skills of Captain John Garstin and his team.

Features and Attractions of Golghar Patna

Golghar Patna is not just a historical monument, but also a lively and vibrant place that offers a variety of features and attractions for the visitors. Some of the main features and attractions of Golghar Patna are:

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Light and sound show:

Golghar Patna hosts a spectacular light and sound show every evening, which narrates the history and significance of Golghar Patna in an entertaining and informative way. The show uses colorful lights, music, and narration to create a mesmerizing effect. The show lasts for about 30 minutes and costs Rs. 50 per person.

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Lush green garden:

Golghar Patna is surrounded by a lush green garden, which adds to the beauty and charm of the place. The garden is well-maintained and has a variety of flowers, plants, and trees. The garden is a perfect place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the nature. The garden also has a children’s play area, a fountain, and a statue of Captain John Garstin.

Picnic spot:

Golghar Patna is a popular picnic spot for the locals and tourists alike. The place has ample space and facilities for picnicking, such as benches, tables, and food stalls. The place is ideal for spending some quality time with family and friends, while enjoying the scenic views and the fresh air.

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Bird’s eye view of the city and the Ganges:

The main attraction of Golghar Patna is the bird’s eye view of the city and the Ganges that it offers from the top of the dome. The view is stunning and exhilarating, and one can see the entire cityscape, the river, the bridges, and the landmarks from a different perspective. The view is especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset, when the sky and the water are painted in different hues.

Best Time to Visit Golghar Patna

The best time to visit Golghar Patna is from October to March, when the weather is pleasant and the visibility is good. The temperature during this time ranges from 15°C to 28°C, and the humidity is low. This is also the peak season for tourism in Patna, and one can witness various festivals and events, such as Chhath Puja, Diwali, and Bihar Diwas. The winter months are also ideal for enjoying the light and sound show and the picnic at Golghar Patna.

Entry Fee and Timings of Golghar Patna

Golghar Patna has no entry fee, and anyone can visit it for free. However, one has to pay Rs. 50 per person for the light and sound show. The timings of Golghar Patna are from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM, and it is open on all days of the week. The light and sound show starts at 6:30 PM and ends at 7:00 PM. The timings may vary depending on the season and the weather conditions.

Nearby Places to Visit from Golghar Patna

Golghar Patna is located in the heart of the city, and there are many other places to visit nearby. Some of the nearby places to visit from Golghar Patna are:

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Bihar Museum:

Bihar Museum is a state-of-the-art museum that showcases the rich history, culture, and heritage of Bihar. The museum has various galleries, exhibits, and interactive displays that cover different aspects of Bihar, such as art, archaeology, history, literature, and religion. The museum also has a cafeteria, a souvenir shop, and a children’s zone. The museum is open from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and the entry fee is Rs. 100 for adults and Rs. 50 for children.

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Patna Planetarium:

Patna Planetarium is one of the largest and oldest planetariums in India. It is a popular destination for astronomy enthusiasts and curious minds. The planetarium offers various shows and programs that educate and entertain the visitors about the wonders of the universe. The planetarium also has a library, a conference hall, and a science park. The planetarium is open from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and the entry fee is Rs. 50 per person.

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Kesaria Stupa:

Kesaria Stupa is a Buddhist stupa that is located about 110 km from Patna. It is the largest stupa in the world, with a height of 104 feet and a circumference of 1400 feet. It was built by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BC, and it is said to be the place where Lord Buddha gave his last sermon before his death. The stupa is a magnificent example of Buddhist architecture and art, and it attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. The stupa is open from sunrise to sunset, and there is no entry fee.

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Mahatma Gandhi Setu:

Mahatma Gandhi Setu is a bridge that connects Patna with Hajipur. It is one of the longest bridges in India, with a length of 5.75 km. It was inaugurated in 1982 by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, and it is named after the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The bridge offers a scenic view of the Ganges and the city, and it is a popular spot for photography and sightseeing. The bridge is open 24 hours, and there is no entry fee.

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Buddha Smriti Udyan:

Buddha Smriti Udyan is a park that is dedicated to the life and teachings of Lord Buddha. It was inaugurated in 2010 by the then President of India, Pratibha Patil, and the then Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso. The park has a stupa, a museum, a meditation hall, and a Bodhi tree. The park is a peaceful and serene place, where one can learn about the history and philosophy of Buddhism, and practice meditation and mindfulness. The park is open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and the entry fee is Rs. 20 per person.

Golghar Patna is a historical and cultural gem of Bihar that offers a unique and memorable experience to the visitors. It is a place where one can witness the glorious past, the vibrant present, and the promising future of Patna and Bihar. It is a place where one can admire the beauty and marvel of the architecture, the nature, and the view. It is a place where one can enjoy the fun and excitement of the light and sound show, the picnic, and the bird’s eye view. Golghar Patna is a place that you should not miss when you visit Patna.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tour or package to Golghar Patna and other nearby places today, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

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A hot buffet lunch was served in a round house near the lake called the Golghar. The food was excellent, a huge selection of vegetable and meat indian dishes. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced and the lodge has also developed an excellent waste management system, everything is recycled or composted. After lunch the moment I'd been waiting for had arrived...it was safari time. There were nineteen guests staying at the lodge and we all jumped into four open sided jeeps. Another group of about twenty who had just turned up on the off chance piled into a big khaki coloured govenment bus. Unsurprisingly they saw very little during their safari, as the bus was load, noisy and smelly. Luckily there are very strict rules for the safari's and each of the jeeps headed off into Nagarahole National Park down different tracks. This limited the noise and disturbance for the animals and maximised the chance of spotting widlife.
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