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Patong Beach

Jyoti Thakral
Woke up at 10 am and rushed to the shop expecting that it might have opened. Thank god it was. We entered the shop and asked the lady that did I left my phone here last night. Took a sigh of relief when she said YES MAM you left it here only. We kept it safe in the shop and sorry we didn't picked up your call last night.. Thanked her and returned to our hotel.That day, it rained like hell for whole day. There was a high tide alert in Patong. Beaches were closed. So we spent half day in the hotel and another half in shopping in phuket town..
Yes today to new location PhuketTook a cruise from Phi Phi to Phuket it took 3 hours to reach Phuket.Got a cab to reach Phuket port to Patong area .Went to Patong night market . Phuket is full of shopping area . Completed all my shopping and finally had a Thai Massage .
Ashi Raiwani
We landed at phuket international airport. Catched a shared 🚐 and went to hotel. Relaxed at hotel for the day and visited patong beach. Night life is really good with full party on. You can visit walking street if you prefer party🎉🍻🎈 and if you want peace you can to the patong beach side.
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