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Icefields Parkway

Jens Van De Voorde
Our first passage along Icefields Parkway was a bit ruined by bad weather but luckily the weather on the day of our second passage was just marvelous. So we were thrilled to start driving on this beautiful road once again. We did some of the stops of our previous passage again like the Athabasca glacier and Peyto Lake. The first time we were unlucky that we couldn't see the lake but now we could gaze at its beauty! It's quite strange that the same path to the viewpoint which was covered in snow just 2 days before, now was green and shining bright because of the sun. Once we reached the viewpoint our jaws dropped by seeing beautiful Peyto lake shaped like a wolf's head.
Jens Van De Voorde
After Lake Louise we were ready for the 3 hour drive along famous Icefields Parkway. We'd read and heard about how mesmerizing that road is and to be honest it exceeded all our expectations! Icefields Parkway is definately the most beautiful and amazing road I've ever driven on. The only disappointment was the weather that day. Luckily a couple of days later we would drive along Icefields Parkway for a second time hoping for better weather. Not only the drive right through the Rockies is amazing but several stops along the way are a must-see. First stop was Peyto Lake but due to the bad weather conditions we couldn't see the lake from the viewpoint.
vidhi bubna
The ice field skywalkThere is a skywalk made of glass and you can see everything down. You can also see some waterfalls and the surrounding mountains grow in with snow and other beautiful things all around it. Even if you are scared of heights, this is definitely worth doing. I remember being on the skywalk with my mom because my dad has phobia, he did not come along. There was a man jumping on the skywalk trying to break it. It was crazy, but the skywalk is made of too strong glass which is unbreakable and can bear the weight of 8,000 people though only 400 are allowed on it at once. It is absolutely safe. This will cost you around INR 3,000
Priyam Bagga
Icefields Parkway, CanadaThe 230 kilometer highway, also known as Highway 93, is located in Alberta, Canada and links Lake Louise with Jasper. It traverses through the Canadian Rockies and passes through two national parks: Banff and Jasper National Park (a Canadian National Parks permit will be required to travel on this road). A more scenic route through captivating Canada will be hard to find!