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Maligne Lake

Jens Van De Voorde
Our first day in Jasper (11th day of the trip) we went to Maligne Canyon and Maligne lake. After a 15 minute drive we reached Maligne Canyon were you can hike several distances marked by several bridges. It's a really nice hike along another great canyon in the Rockies! After a hike of about 1,5 hour we drove on to Maligne Lake. The drive to Maligne Lake takes about 1 hour but it's really worth every minute. At Maligne Lake you can choose to hike, rent a canoe or take a boattrip. Real eye-catchers are the old boathouse where you can rent the canoes and Spirit Island. The hike along the lake is nice and relaxing but put on your best hiking shoes because easy and more tricky paths alternate each other.
vidhi bubna
The Jasper cruise - Maligne LakeThe cruise we took in Jasper was the best experience ever. It is the second most photographed place in Canada after Lake Louise. The cruise is around 2 hours long but it is a speed boat. Also, the view from the island is amazing with mountains everywhere. It still doesn't beat lake Louise though. This will cost you around INR 2000