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Essence of Nature

Deepak Sood
We stayed there until it got dark. I was so enthralled by the beauty of the lake that I decided to witness its magnificence once again at the dawn.Next morning, I went for mountain biking with my guide. Our target was to go cycling alongside the banks of the Bhimtal Lake. We started quite early in the morning. It took 7 kms and 2 hours to complete the whole track. It was such a heavenly experience to behold the beautiful surrounding of the lake at the dawn.
Aprajita Parkash
The trek, the temple and back down the outdoor playground... for all!
Aprajita Parkash
And, finally after the 2 hours of wait and zig-zag in the hills, we see the final entry boards and we arrive our destination!
Rothin Sonowal
Best weekend gateway from Delhi.