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Al Saleh Mosque

Tasneem Merchant
Inaugurated by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Saleh Mosque is named after him. Exquisite in its beauty, it shines like a jewel in the night light in Yemen. Also called the Presidential Mosque, The Saleh Mosque opens its door to people from all faith and cultures. Any one can visit the grand mosque and marvel at its structure, which, like the city of Yemen is a fusion of the old and the modern. It has an astounding amount of 122 pillars and has a capacity of accommodating around 44,000 persons. Its makes a grand impression on the people who set their eyes upon it and compels one to step inside and have a look.
Fatema Diwan
Just like churches speak in the Vatican, Yemen speaks through its mosques. The Al-saleh mosque boasts of being the largest and the most architecturally well-built modern mosque of Sana'a. Named after the Yemeni President who built it in 2008, the proposal of this mosque received a lot of flak due to the amount spent on it. But, once it was built, it quickly rose to become a jewel in Yemen, lighting up the night sky. It remains to be a popular tourist spot due to its awe inspiring design and beauty. This mosque is symbolic of the country's potential for modern development.