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Amboli Water Falls

Hamza Siddiqui
Saurabh Prasad
Day 2:We all went for a short a walk at the beach in the morning and after getting fresh in the morning we started heading back to Amboli falls in the morning via sawantwadi. We reached Amboli Ghat in an hour and the view which we missed in the night left us mesmerized. We could see the clouds moving around the ghats which was covered by greenery. The blissful experience made it worth returning via the same route.After driving an hour or so we reached amboli falls at around 11 AM and it was pretty late and hence there was a bit of crowd at the falls. The men in khaki were there to control the crowd and the traffic. After a continuous drive of 2 days, we could not control ourselves from getting drenched in the cold water of the waterfall.We enjoyed in the waterfall for some time , and then had hot tea and maggi to satisfy our hunger. The waterfall was pretty crowded as it is reachable for people staying in north Karnataka, north Goa , Kolhapur , Konkan Region of Maharashtra.We started heading towards our home post having food in Amboli Falls. However, since we had to go through Kolhapur, we decided to have a visit to Rankala Lake situated in Kolhapur City. We had our dinner at Kolhapur city by having the famous ‘Tambda’ and ‘Pandhra’ Rassa. The food was very good and it did meet our expectations.And that was the last stop of the trip, we had full stretch drive to Mumbai post dinner and reached our respective homes late in the night.