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We went to see the Sindhudurg fort afterwards by the boats....

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Visited the Sindhudurg Fort during my visit to Malvan....

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Day 5th was all set to explore the magical Arambol. It was around 40-50kms from Baga and was a ride full of serenity and splendid scenaries. In Arambol, one has to trail from one end to another which leads to the sweet water lake and an amazing "just don't go anywhere" type of another world. We enjoyed the sink in the white pearl sands of these amazing beach and stayed there till the sunset. This was such a peaceful experience and will always stay their in my daydreams. After such a beautiful sunset, we were not at all ready to leave Goa but had to leave. Our boarding back to Delhi was from Madgaon, and the cab took 1500/- from Baga to Madgaon railway station. Apart from all the fun, we enjoyed most of our meals in Kajal restaurant in just few metres away from Calangute beach and the food here is amazing and superbly affordable.
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had gone there for a site visit, it's a small village on Goas north border. good ppl, good food, connected to nature.
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#SwipeRightToTravel Sindhudurg the south most district of Maharashtra has an amazing feel it to it. One can soak in its culture , food and dance . The beautiful understated beaches are surreal . The breataking sunsets and mystic mountains of Amboli and majestic sindhudurg Killa are something to look forward . It's a paradise of fish eaters when it comes to food . The fragrance and taste of the Konkani will linger on your tongue in the most interesting way .

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