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Andaman Islands

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1. cellular jail or kala pani jail - looking at its history , you will definitely appreciate your freedom in India, thanks to all the freedom fighters like veer Savarkar who struggled hard to achieve free India . Unknown fact about this jail is that it imprisoned both veer Savarkar and his brother at the same time but it took 4 years for them to meet each other due to its structural design .
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1. Network ConnectivityThese days when we are out for dinner or a holiday, there is a tendency to checking your whatsapp messages, explore instagram or snap the things on your table. Well, the network connectivity in Andaman is very poor and the wifi is expensive, around 100 MB for ₹100 and the hotels which provide you with free wifi, connectivity is poor. Only BSNL works best in Andamans. I would suggest not to buy a BSNL sim for the trip.
Why Andamans?India being a country of diversity, one is well aware every state has something different to offer with respect to culture, geography, language and even food.What is special about Andaman and Nicobar Island is, though it is an important part of India, it geographical position tends to make us forget its importance or even existence at times. Since Andamans is located in the Indian ocean its rich in its bio-diversity and one can be marveled to discover much more than just a beach holiday destination. Thanks to the recent increase in tourism and frequent commercial airlines flying from the Indian mainland to this island that we can connect more to this place.Why we chose it? The simple reason was, we wanted to travel to a destination with the whole family, most importantly with my mother who had just been through a major surgery a year back. We did not want the travel to be very hectic and did not have confidence to travel to mountainous locations owing to the challenging roadways we might have encountered there along with her.Here is an account of our experiences at this island which has a lot to offer than one can even image-Port Blair – This is the junction to connect to any other place in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Port Blair is like any other Indian town. The main tourist attraction is the Cellular Jail and the stories dating back to the Indian Independence History. The Cellular jail had held captive many freedom movement prisoners because of the fact that even if they escaped the prison premises, they could go nowhere from the island as it was surrounded by the ocean. A light and sound show is held in the evening here which is like a visual storytelling of the Jail premises.