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Sonali Saraswat
The next morning was scheduled for heading to baratang caves, quite far from Port Blair but easily commutable . Any biologist or zoologist out there , just close your eyes and head to baratang. You'll have the best time time of your life there with your love:p. It's a long beautiful journey going to baratang limestone caves and then to famous mud volcano , actually you are heading to middle Andaman now . The roads are bumpy covered with forests all over and you'll see yourself drowning in its essence with sunshine and mist all over .
Rounak Dey
Went for Baratang Island. It is actually known for the Mangrove forest and and the Lime Stone Coral Cave. Experienced about the Tribes of Andaman.Bye bye Andaman.
Shilp S
Day 4- Early morning leave at 3am for Baratang Lime Stone Caves. The police patrol starts from the forest entry at 6am and takes you through a scenic heavy forest of JARAWA TRIBE, and lands you at boat jetty through which you cross the river and head towards an almost 6kms trek to and fro to limestone caves. Also a twenty minute speed boat ride under thick mangrove forests which lead you up to the trek. Same way of returning back to Port Blair until late evening.
Namita Singh
On early morning at 4:30 we came to know that we have to go baratang island today ...we took our private taxi & arrived at check post ...after that we filled our full details in form  ... Travelling through the South Andaman to Baratang is a bit like stepping into Joseph Conrad's darkly mysterious Heart of Darkness. Thick, dark forests and scattered rustic habitations line the roads and visitors can occasionally get a glimpse of the Jarawas, the indigenous tribals with their distinctive Negroid features..... After 115km  4 hours of driving we arrived at baratang island .... From baratang we took Speed boat for limestone caves ... After that we went mud volcano ... After that we went back to Port Blair ...
Ganesh Bhat
Baratang island is an island of the Andaman Islands. It belongs to the North and Middle Andaman administrative district. part of the Indian union territory of Andaman Nicobar Islands. The island lies 150 km (93 miles) north of Port Blair.We had booked the Baratang island package through Experience Andaman. The main places to visit are Baratang Island, Tribal Reserve Forest, Middle Strait, Mangrove Forest, Lime Stone Cave, Mud Volcano. Our Cab driver picked us from the hotel at 2:30 am. As we need to travel around 100 Kms we need to be at the Jirkatang check post before 4:00 am. The distance from Port Blair to Jirkatang check post is around 50 Kms. We reached the check post around 4:10 am. The check post opens at 6:00 am. In order to reach Baratang we need to cross the tribal reserve forest which falls between Jirkatang check post and Middle Strait. The journey stretch is about 47 Kms. This forest is completely reserved and guarded in order to protect the tribes called Jarwa.. Before crossing the check post one has to sign on formal document which carry the rules and regulations to be followed while passing through the forest. None are allowed to take photographs or videography during this journey. If found one has to undergo a punishment of 7 years of jail with INR 20,000 fine. Once the check post opens, everyone needs to follow the convoy. The convoy is guarded by IRB (Indian Reserve Battalion) special force. Once the convoy begins none are allowed to stop their vehicles in between for any reason. Every vehicle is restricted to move at the speed of 40km/hr without honking. Jarwa tribes is considered as 3rd most dangerous tribes in the entire Andaman Islands. They hunt animals for their livelihood. For every 15 days they change their location in the forest. Government of India has tried many things to educate them, but failed to do so. The journey from Jirkatang to Middle strait was very exciting and adventurous. Luckily we could spot some Jarwa people during our journey.Once we reached Middle strait, we boarded the vessel which took us to Baratang island. It's just 10 to 15 minutes journey. After reaching the island we were insisted to board the speed boat for experiencing and exploring the mangroove forest. The lake is completely surrounded by thick mangroove forest. Travelling between those thick forest is an incredible experience. From Mangrove forest we were taken to Lime stone caves, which is around 3kms and needs to be covered by walking through the forest and a village. The first 1.5 km journey is to be travelled by wooden bridge surrounded by very thick mangroove trees. Later passing through a small village which is famous for lime juice. The rest journey is exploring the beautiful lime stone caves. Such a marvel structure it is. Giant lime stone rocks with different designs and structures will make certainly mesmerise everyone. Claws of tiger, Jelly fish, lord Ganapathi etc were some of the designs we were able to see inside the caves. We were simply wonder struck by seeing these caves. While in return we had some fresh lime juice while passing the village then headed back to our speed boat to reach the island from where we were picked. We were insisted to board the jeep to reach the mud volcano spot. The journey from island to mud volcano is around 9kms. Mud volcano is the product of sedimentary volcanism created by geo exuded slurries and gases. It is created by natural gases emitted by decaying organic matter underground. Most of the world mud volcanoes are associated with potential hydrocarbon reserves. During our visit we could see small eruptions. After watching we reached the island and back to our hotel at 4:30 pm in the evening. We got freshed up and had a short nap till 6:30 pm. Then we went to have the dinner and explore Port Blair city through walk. We came to hotel at 9 pm and slept as we were really tired and had to wake up early in the morning to reach Havelock Island from port Haddo Jetty. This was all about day 2.