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Rajesh Salvi
Not many explore Andaman beyond its popular destinations – Port Blair and around, Havelock Island, Neil Island and Baratang. Since, I was backpacking and had lots of time till my return flight ticket back home, I decided to backpack beyond these. My goal was to reach Diglipur in North Andaman will where the Andaman Trunk Road reaches.On one fine day, packed up my stuff from Havelock Island and took Government ferry to Port Blair, which is cheaper and not confined than private ferries.In Andamans, 3G network is very slow and 4G was non-existence till I left in March 2020, you can not find information so easily via google, so my local contacts helped me to find the bus to Diglipur.Was planning to take a bus from Port Blair State Terminal, same day and booked a ticket. Still time in hand, I went to washroom when I came back and enquired about bus again, a ST guy manning counter said, the bus just left. I was shocked because I hadn’t taken any long washroom break. It was completely disappointment. That was a only direct bus to Diglipur and bus to Diglipur ply on every alternate day, so the next bus is after a day.Always while solo backpacking, I get help from all sides. You should be courteous to locals. One local who was standing next to me told the counter guy in Bengali which I understand a little. There was one more bus going to the same direction, but not till Diglipur which will be in the same convoy at first check point. With ‘Atithi Devo Bhav’ principle in his mind, counter guy immediately called conductor of Diglipur and help me. He also helped me to board in another bus which was going in the same direction till Mayabunder and informed conductor not to take money for this short distance as I had already paid till Diglipur. This is a regular experience, a backpacker go through when he/she moves out of city. A hospitality of locals.Andaman Trunk Road crosses islands and passes through Middle Andaman and there are couple of places, to cross a island, ferry services are used.
Sonali Saraswat
The heaven on earth , ROSS AND SMITH ISLAND was in front of us and to describe its beauty here is a sin!!!. There is something extraordinary about this island which leaves you bewitched with your senses just doomed out. It's incredibly beautiful and serene.
Ankur Dulwani
Diglipur is approximately 80 km from Mayabunder and takes around 2.5 hours to reach. You can take an early morning bus (at 5 AM) from Mayabunder to reach Diglipur. Once in Diglipur, have a sumptuous breakfast and take a local bus or auto for Aerial Bay Jetty which is 20 km from Diglipur. From Aerial Bay Jetty, you can get a speed boat at a cost of Rs 2000 for 6 people which will take you to Ross & Smith Island. The speed boat will wait for 3 hours there and then will drop you back at the Jetty but you can tip them if you want to spend some more time.Note: You will need a permit from the forest department to enter Ross & Smith from Diglipur. Sometimes you can get that from Aerial Bay Jetty itself. So please confirm it once.
Arijit Mullick
Mayabunder to Rangat via Diglupur Tour Ross and Smith Island. Night stay at RangatRemotest corner of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Diglipur Island
Sneha Surana
The largest town in Andaman, it is located at 290km by road and 180km by sea from Port Blair (around 8 hours). You can get here, by helicopter rides, boat or by road. The best being the helicopter and worst being by road. The bus journey can get very tiring and takes around 12 hours. Also, you cross the tribal area, which makes a bit risky. Also, if you go towards this side of Andaman, then it gets quite challenging to cover the other locations, but it's worth it. Diglipur is known for Ramnagar and Kalipur beach. It is very similar and as scenic as the other beaches mentioned above. But one striking difference and my favourite is the turtle nesting. The best time to witness this is between November end to March mid. The beaches are not very swimming friendly as they are quite rocky. Another thing to do in Diglipur is the Saddle Peak mountain. It is known for bird watching and has got beautiful nature hike trails.