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September - May
Couples, Families
4 out of 16 attractions in Havelock Island

Kaala Pathar Beach

Gaurav Ahuja
A nice small beach with a charming view of the sunrise. One should visit this beach in the early morning for an hour or two max to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and a peaceful walk; and can continue their day plan afterwards. With Radhanagar beach attracting most of the tourist for its stunning scenic beauty and serenity, and Elephant beach gathering their attention by offering most of the water sports activity, this beach has less crowd making it an ideal place for those who love peace and tranquillity.
Swati Keshri
We started off the day with the beautiful sunrise at Kala Pathar. One could do jogging as well on the soft sand like I did!.
Swati Keshri
Next, we headed Kala Pathar beach which was just a km away from Scuba point.
Sakshi Chaudhary
One of the beautiful places in Havelock island- Kala Patthar Beach with white sand, blue green water along with black rocks surrounded by lush green trees. It’s one the best beaches to view the sun rising from the horizon. The sunrise time is at 5:00 am. Waking up early in the morning just to witness the sunrise is definitely worth it.
Samruddhi Salunke
What do you do when you are at the beach? Chill! Exactly what we three musketeers were doing. And admiring life sitting on the benches lined up and observing people from various parts of the world. That’s my favourite thing to do!