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Ankur Dulwani
Mayabunder also spelled as Maya Bunder or Maya Bander, is the northern part of Middle Andaman. This will be your third stop where you can finish your day and rest. Rangat to Mayabunuder is approximately 70 km and takes around 2 hours to reach. You can easily get buses from the Rangat bus stand which are priced at Rs 50 approximately.
Karim S A
I started my journey to Diglipur by Bus from Port Blair at 05.30 AM. Mind you, there is only one bus daily, and you have to book your tickets in advance. The distance of 240 kilometers takes roughly 8 hours to reach Mayabunder Jetty. From there you can head to Diglipur. The bus takes the Andaman Trunk Road crossing across the forests and creeks which separate the South Andaman, Middle Andaman and the North Andaman. Sitting by the window, with mouth wide open, like a small school child, I looked at the wonderful nature around me.I think, God intended man to live in peace in the forests, breath fresh air, eat the fresh fruits, fish, drink the purest coconut water and lead a life of contentment. But man decided otherwise. He chose to live in hell and so he converted the beautiful world into a concrete jungle and heaped himself with untold miseries. The Jarawa tribes have thus rejected the offer of the modern man to convert them into social animals. I think they live a life of bliss. I wish I were a Jarawa too!Diglipur can be reached by Air, by water and by Road. I advise you to take the road, because it is only here you can enjoy the scenic beauty of these lovely islands. The flora and the fauna of the thick tropical forests fascinates you to no end. There is only one State Run bus at 05.30 AM daily, but you find other private operators plying buses on this route.
Karmatang Beach: A narrow trail of road bordered by thick forests on either sides leads you to this less frequented turtle nesting site in Mayabunder. The beach is a 1.5K.M.s stretch of white sand. During the nesting season you can come across various species of turtles here. Do check out the forest museum when you're here.
Padma Madipalli
Prateek Dham
Mayabunder is the headquarters of the North and Middle Andaman District, but what it's not very famous for is its magnificent mangrove boat rides. It's a cheat code, go apply it! Karamatang Beach and Avis Beach in Mayabunder are very beautiful and away from the tourist radar.11. Spend the night on a beach hut at Long Island