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Ramnagar Beach

Karim S A
That evening I went to the Ramnagar Beach to see the Olive Ridley Turtles. The Sun looks different at different times, and at different places. I had seen the setting Sun from the Sunset Point at Chidiya Tapu. The view of the Sunset from this beach was no less fascinating. The golden rays of the Sunset always enrich your imagination. So come out of the cubicles of your workstations once in a while, and spend your time with Nature. What better place can you find than the Andaman Islands?Food should not be your priority when you go out. Rather, try and relish the local food, so that you can take home memories. Believe me, you can spend the whole day like a small child, strolling on the sand bar and crossing the islands of Ross & Smith Islands. For once, become a child and enjoy life in all its glory. Bring back your childhood days. Your legs won’t give up. May be distance, or may be ignorance that daunts, but there are very few tourists here. And it adds up to the beauty. Virgin beaches have their own charm.The next day, unwittingly, I had to board the bus back to Port Blair. But the trip got etched in my heart. So the next time you visit Andaman, don’t forget to visit Ross & Smith Islands.I would like to quote Khalil Gibran here,"Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet, And the Winds long to Play with your Hair"
Prateek Dham
During December and January, turtles go through a gestation period, which makes them roam the beaches of Diglipur. You can witness this on Ram Nagar Beach, which is 15km away from Kalighat, the main point of attraction in Diglipur town.6. Shop for souvenirs at Aberdeen Bazaar