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Anjuna Market

Shopping is an important part of your trip to Goa equally as the beaches are. The flea market or the Wednesday Market of Goa in the Anjuna region is one of the best souvenir markets here. Earlier here would only be found hippies smoking jumbo joints and trying to convince people to buy their stuffs and services which would in turn earn them money to help them during the rest of their stay.At present there is a lot more you will find here. Starting from Kashmiri and Tibetian clothes and show pieces to Gujarati tribal women selling t- shirts and home decor items and other tribal girls from Mumbai and Karnataka selling traditional stuff too. The remaining shops belong to backpackers from Europe and Russia and the others to the hippies. They mostly sell services such as massages, piercings, tattoo making and others.
Neha jain
4 of our friends were coming from Delhi and their flights were delayed so we two, visited the Anjuna Beach in the meanwhile. Since, i was travelling for very first time, i was too excited.
Afsarul haq
याद रहेगी गोवा की शॉपींग
Abhinav Sharma
I had taken an overnight bus from Bangalore . The bus had started at midnight and had dropped me on Mapusa-Panjim highway.I had booked 2 places to stay near Anjuna, one for first 2 days and another for the other 2 days.(You should try and change hotels, for better experience and cleaner beds). The idea of Anjuna was that it is a little secluded beach with all amenities.I had also booked bike online through Ziphop so just wanted to reach my hotel without spending a lot.You get a bus from the highway to Mapusa bus stand and then from there you can board another bus to Anjuna. I reached my stay by 2 pm and was happy by the view and great food. I had lunch, rested a bit and took a walk to Anjuna Beach which was about 1.5km away.
Sachin Verma
The Roads leading to Baga from Anjuna have quite a few flee markets where you can find anything you look for at a cheap price. All these markets have specific days when they are open. Anjuna’s flee market is open only on Wednesday from 8 AM to 6 PM. The Saturday night market at Arpora is a special attraction and open from evening till midnight. On you way back, eat some local cuisine.
Being their on a Wednesday meant heading out to the Anjuna flea market, taking a leisurely stroll around, bargaining and ending up not buying anything, and then heading out for a walk on the beach. The overtly perfumed flavored teas they sell might seem fake, but the fun was real. Shopping: Cashewnuts, Feni, Goan sausages, Bebinca (now that it is commercially available, I picked up a Costa’s) are some of the things one must bring back. You could also pick up locally grown spices, tees and souvenirs that would remind you of happy times spent in Goa.