Castle Rock 1/undefined by Tripoto

Castle Rock

When you work the night shift in a place that has 24 hours of sunlight, you find yourself doing some activities that would otherwise be considered odd for what time of day it is. Like going for a hike at 2:00 in the morning. Recently, on our night off, Jeff and I hiked to Castle Rock. It was a mostly sunny and warm night; the trail conditions ranged from icy, to slushy, to the kind of lacy ice that collapses under foot and drops you down a foot to volcanic permafrost. Along the trail there are a couple small round structures called apples that are placed there should hikers find themselves in an unfortunate situation and need shelter – you’ll be able to see them in the slideshow below. They are filled with supplies such as sleeping bags and pads, water, snacks, romance novels and a funny trail log. The rock itself is along a mountain ridge and is surrounded by miles of rolling, white hills that glide down seamlessly to frozen ocean – both as smooth as frozen frosting whipped to perfection by years of icy winds. Sitting up on the rock clouds hovered and rolled through us and off toward the ice shelf. The landscape is surreal, ethereal and impossible to catch in a photograph.