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Petermann Island

Rohan Sood
4) Hanging out with penguins at Petermann IslandPetermann Island is the southernmost breeding colony of Gentoo penguins and also happens to be one of the best place to observe the adorable birds. After spending a few hours at the shore, we came to realize that penguins are extremely intelligent and social animals. We also got a chance to observe their rookeries and feeding habits. Getting a chance to admire these creatures itself was well worth all the effort I had put in to make my way from India to Antarctica!
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Next, we hit up Peterman Island, where we saw different types of penguins like Chinstrap and Adelie. Chinstrap is the second most abundant penguin species in the world. Its total breeding population is estimated to be 7.5 million pairs, the majority of which are in the South Sandwich Islands. We trekked a bit on the white fluffy snow with the gray clouds covering mountains giving off snow, rain and then brightness came out. No sun just lots of UV rays which were harsh on the eyes. It was a remarkable sight of the true Antarctic world and beauty, supernatural and yet so unreal, a different planet.
Jenny McIver
Gentoo penguin and chick.