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Port Lockroy

Devansh Dhar
Today we had to cruise through Lemaire channel. The entrance to the channel was very picturesque with glaciers on both sides and a narrow passage to sail through. We entered the channel but had to make a quick exit as the captain decided that the surrounding ice was floating pretty heavily and it could trap us inside for sometime. So we touched the southernmost point of our trip and decided to head Northwards towards Port Lockroy. Just after lunch the PE leader announced that there was some real action on sea upfront and guess what the action was? Orkas !!! Better known as killer whales there were 3 of them diving smoothly into the water and coming up after a few seconds. The entire ship along with crew members rushed to the bridge with cameras in hand and we had a great time photographing them. What majestic animals! Absolute brilliance to witness their sheer power up close.
Jenny McIver
Whale bones on Jougla Island near the former British research station of Port Lockroy.