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Atacama Desert

Neel Reddy
On my birthday ???? 2017, went to South America solo.. I don’t know anyone nor I speak a little Spanish. Yes It was difficult but not impossible. People say Chile and Peru countries are dangerous to travel alone. But I had really good experience, well spent.The below picture is in Atacama Desert on my birthday.
Sumedha Bharpilania
The driest place on this planet, the Atacama Desert is seemingly daunting with its endless salt pans and muddy ravines. Akin to the moon's landscape in several ways, it serves as the perfect place for travellers looking to trudge uncharted territories. The mighty Andes in the background is the perfect interlude from feasting your eyes on vast expanses of nothing. Moreover, few people are aware of the fact that Atacama is the best place on earth for stargazing. With painfully slow internet speeds and limited availability, the desert is a great destination for cutting yourself off from the World Wide Web.