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El Tatio

Alexandra Kovacova
I was looking forward to visiting the geysers at El Tatio. Walking around, we learned from our cute Inca guide that the Tatio Geysers reach the temperature of 85°C and that this geothermic field of volcanic origin is a mysterious place with 40 geysers, 60 hot springs and 70 fumarolas extended over 3 square kilometers. After freezing our asses off walking around the geysers, the sun started to come up and we could get rid of the gloves and the hats and the jackets. It was not below zero any more and it was exactly the time when we reached the hot spring. Surrounded by the colorful mountains, the brave among us stripped off to bathing suits and soaked in the hot spring. Some parts were not as hot as I thought they would be, some were too hot to stay there for longer. It is actually not healthy to bath in there for longer than 20 minutes.